Friday, September 28, 2018


A recent media statement during the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination piqued my curiosity to search out Brett Kavanaugh’s affiliation with the Jesuits. Bingo! Direct hit! This motivated me to continue my internet search to find out the religious affiliations of all the Supreme Court justices, including Anthony Kennedy who recently retired. When I saw that six of the nine members are Roman Catholics, with three of these six attending Jesuit schools, and potentially still connected to the Jesuits, I was stunned. I shouldn’t have been, since the Jesuits are infamous for stealthily embedding themselves into areas of strong influence.

Is this coincidental? Consider this: In the USA, percentages of religious preference show that almost 50% identify themselves as Protestants, while only 21% as Catholics and 2% as Jews.     ( article, “If the US Had 100 People: Charting Americans’ Religious Affiliations.”) This indicates that the religious make-up of the Supreme Court justices is a little off balance, meaning almost 67% of the Supreme Court justices are Catholic when only 21% of the US population is Catholic. Shouldn’t there be at least one bombastic Baptist—or at least a moderate Methodist among the mix? Also interesting is that three of the nine justices are Jews, when only 2% of the population identifies themselves as such. However, the almost 67% Catholic makeup of the justices is more disconcerting, and I suspect it is not accidental. If Kavanaugh does get appointed, the number will stay the same since he is replacing the seat held by Anthony Kennedy, a Catholic too. Is there reason for concern?

For all who have never heard, or have forgotten, history records the influence of Jesuits on the US. In his book, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Charles Chiniquy chronicled how the Jesuits planned the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and also disclosed their plot to control our nation. His book documents that the Jesuits have schemed throughout our country’s history to control the United States, and over a century later it appears they have gained control of the highest court in the land. This is a covert effort to control our judicial system through the Supreme Court. The statistics do not lie—there are six Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court—with three of them potentially connected to the Jesuits.

Chiniquy was a Catholic priest sent to Illinois in the mid-1800s to establish a Roman Catholic community. They were doing this throughout the Midwest to create voting blocs that would allow the Roman Catholics to gain political control in the US. Their desire was to transform the US into a sort of Roman Catholic satellite country. When they realized that Chiniquy was not going along with their program, they tried to take his property and his reputation and quite possibly get him hung in the end through rumors of harming a young woman. A concerned stranger told him of a young Illinois lawyer, Abraham Lincoln, and so he sought his counsel. In order to win the verdict for Chiniquy, Lincoln revealed their lies and treachery and exposed them openly in court.

Note: It is suspected that the revelation of the Jesuit’s plot to control the US fueled Lincoln’s drive to become President. Lincoln himself said about the Civil War, “This war would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.”

The Jesuits vowed to kill Lincoln (, and after he was elected President of the US, they plotted to assassinate him on the way to his inauguration ( In his book, Killing Lincoln, Bill O’Reilly revealed that the money to assassinate Lincoln came from Canada; however, the missing piece not mentioned in his book was that the Canadian Jesuits supplied that money. John Wilkes Booth was a Roman Catholic who was strongly aligned with the Jesuits, as was Mary Surrat, and all of the people John Wilkes Booth sought out for refuge after the assassination. (For more information on this, check out the Chick Publishing tract series on “Alberto” and learn of the almost unbelievable subterfuge and treachery of the Jesuits. “Alberto” is available at

Again, if Brett Kavanaugh is given the empty seat on the Supreme Court, there will still be six Roman Catholics on the SCOTUS, with three potential Jesuit connections. The last Supreme Court justice appointee, Neil Gorsuch, attended the same Jesuit preparatory school as Brett Kavanaugh. What a coincidence! Two Supreme Court justices who were Jesuit trained and programmed attended the same Jesuit academy and will have potentially received consecutive seats. This should make all of us sit up and take notice.

The House of Representatives is composed of 55% Protestants, and the Senate is composed of 58% Protestants—both of which make sense when you look at the overall percentage of Protestant Americans.
But there is not even one Protestant within the Supreme Court justices. Instead, there are six Roman Catholics and three of them are Jesuit-trained.

Note: Not as though I am exactly pro-protestant, US history shows that 68% of all Supreme Court justices have been Protestants. In 2010, the last Protestant, John Paul Stevens, retired and for the first time there was not one Protestant on the court.

The questions we should be asking are as follows:

·         Who gave President Trump the list of candidates for the Supreme Court?
·         Does the panel questioning Kavanaugh know that he is a Jesuit and that they have an agenda to control our country? Do they even care?
·         Is the panel in on the subterfuge, perhaps along with the rest of the congressmen—or are they in the dark about the plot of the Roman Catholics to control the judicial system?
·         More importantly, do the millions of Bible-believing, conservative, Christ followers who elected President Trump—those who screamed about the next president choosing so many Supreme Court seats—know that two Jesuit-trained Roman Catholics could be consecutively installed into the highest judicial positions in the land, not for a few years, but for life terms?

The reality that there are six Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court, with three being Jesuit trained, is not coincidental. I believe this has been carefully and stealthily orchestrated.

Note: Many of the facts in this article regarding the Lincoln assassination can be found at, “The Jesuit Connection to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.”

For a teaching on the Jesuits by Dr. Dale M. Sides, listen to “Sons of Belial Update: The Jesuits Did It,” available at


  1. Good stuff! Dr. Dale I read the Alberto Rivera Chick Publications comic series about two months ago before I saw your blog. What a wonderful God we serve.