Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is not the kind of article that one would desire to publish since it contains information that could draw attention from hard-core Jesuits who may seek vicious reprisal for openly revealing the fallacies and deceit of the Roman Catholic institution. The subterfuge of the Jesuits has convinced the world that their institution is Christian; but in reality, the Roman Catholic institution is not built upon Christian truths. Rather, its foundation is Babylon mystery religion, as is clearly defined in Revelation 17:5. It is full of idolatry, occultism, Mary worship that cloaks the mystery of the queen of heaven (Jeremiah 44:17-25), and demonic personalities with the Christian names of saints.

I would love to tell you that breaking curses is not necessary, but it often is. The payment for all generational curses has been made by the blood of the Lamb; so when someone is born again, all curses are technically broken. However, when have we ever found the devil and demons obeying rules? For years, I have been involved with ministering deliverance to people who, by their own words and by their own will, have had to disavow occult beliefs and break curses off of themselves. Many of these curses were upon them because of transgressions committed by their forefathers and mothers and/or prayers of dedication made to false gods. Freemasonry and other secret societies that honor false gods are carriers of curses, and the same is true of Mystery Babylon a.k.a. Roman Catholicism.

If you come from a Roman Catholic background, it is highly recommended that you read and affirm the proclamations listed below. Roman Catholicism is abject idol worship and its effects upon the soul can incur some serious consequences, such as poverty, guilt, and fear. Citing the rosary to Mary, taking communion under the guise of transubstantiation, and bowing to papal authority can also engender detrimental consequences. We acknowledge that there are Christians who attend Roman Catholic services, but they must divorce themselves from false doctrines and practices or generational iniquity may be upon them and passed onto their children and their children's children (Exodus 34:6-7).

By your word and by your will, make the following decrees and renounce all connections to Roman Catholic curses.
" I disavow all allegiances to the (un)holy Roman Catholic Church.
" I renounce all Roman Catholic teaching, especially concerning the doctrine of Mary  being the Mother of God.
" Jesus Christ is my Savior, not Mary.
" I disavow all allegiances to the papal office and its jurisdiction over me.
" I renounce all idolatry, even in the forms of statues or medallions honoring "saints" of the  Roman Catholic Church, including statues of Mary.
" I ask forgiveness for taking part in the doctrine of transubstantiation in the Roman  Catholic Church form of "holy" communion. I repent of symbolically drinking the blood  of Jesus and crucifying him afresh (Hebrews 6:6).
" I repent for citing the rosary. I repeal prayers said over me to the (so called) Mother of  God.
" I break all ties to the Mother of God doctrine and ask that all generational curses be  broken over me and my family from henceforth.
" I freely demit any affiliation with the Jesuits.
" I disavow all loyalties to the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, the "Mother of God," transubstantiation, and false prayers of the rosary.
" May the shed blood of Jesus Christ forgive me of my ignorance and cleanse me from  my sins, transgressions, and generational iniquity.
" I forgive my ancestors who unwittingly put me under the influence of these curses and  affirm that the Lord Jesus Christ is my Redeemer, Savior, and Justifier and that He paid  the price for me to be free. "Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free  indeed" (John 8:36).
" I proclaim and affirm that all generational curses on me have been broken, and I am  free.
" I ask God to have mercy on all those who are under the deception of Roman  Catholicism and to free them from false doctrines and beliefs associated with that  institution.