Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Triple Conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter - July 1, August 4, and October 25, 2015

On the night of June 30/July 1, people in many locations around the globe were treated to a unique sight when Venus and Jupiter aligned to within 1/3 of a degree. One of the reasons this particular conjunction got a lot of attention was because of its similarity to what the wise men saw in their night sky one month before Jesus of Nazareth was born. It is also intriguing since it was the first of a very rare triple conjunction of Venus and Jupiter that is taking place over the course of only four months. This celestial occurrence is exciting in and of itself, but the interpretation of its message could quite literally be "earth shaking." If conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter announced the first coming of Messiah, it is within the realm of reason that they could announce His second coming too. Many signs are beaming brightly in the heavens these days, and the triple conjunction of these two planets may be another one that is pointing to the approach of the Day of the Lord.

Online chatter concerning the blood moons and solar eclipses on the Jewish festival days has motivated many to look up in the heavens for signs and seasons and days and years. Now that God has our attention, more of His people are taking note of these ongoing signs, such as these conjunctions occurring in such close proximity. This is good, because we all should desire to be ready for Messiah's return and the Day of the Lord.

We know from Psalm 19 that the heavens declare God's glory; and from studying the star and planet names from ancient times, we learn they are all about Messiah. Christologically speaking, Venus has always been and always will be about the brilliance and splendor of Messiah. Its Hebrew name, Nogah, means "brilliance" and "splendor;" and it is commonly known as "the bright and morning star." Jupiter's Hebrew name is Tsedeq, which means "king of righteousness."

NOTE: The original ancient names of the major stars and planets depict Messianic characteristics; therefore, it is an insult to the true living Messiah, Yeshua ha Maschiah, to call them by their pagan names. Alas, we live in a fallen and perverted world that even calls the days of the week and the months of the year after false gods. Forgive us, oh Lord.

By definition, a conjunction occurs when two celestial spheres share the same right ascension in the northern direction to the center of the heavens. Many commonly refer to conjunctions as planets (or a planet with a star) appearing to come close together, but technically it is when their right-ascension coordinates are aligned toward the North Star (the pole star).

In a synopsis, the divine message that these planetary alignments are announcing is of coming judgment, which may also include the Lord's coming and the day of vengeance of our God. All three of these Jupiter/Venus conjunctions are occurring in the constellation of Leo, which represents the Lion of the tribe of Judah; and this means we should pay close attention.

Only the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Jesus) will be able to open the seals mentioned in Revelation 5:1-5. When Yeshua looses the seals, all the things that He has been holding back from mankind for thousands of years will be released. He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2:7). Even though this judgment is ultimately against Satan, many innocent bystanders will be hurt and/or killed, as well as some not-so-innocent bystanders.

Conjunctions between Venus, the brightest planet, and Jupiter the second brightest one, are spectacular-especially when they are as closely aligned as the one was on July 1. A single conjunction of these two planets is not uncommon, since they typically conjunct every 13 months; however, for them to conjunct three times within a period of less than four months is extremely rare. All three conjunctions occurring in the constellation of Leo should speak loudly to us. As soon as Venus and Jupiter aligned on July 1, Venus immediately entered a retrograde motion, which means it appeared to move backwards. (A retrograde motion is an optical illusion occurring when a faster moving object overtakes a slower moving one and the slower one appears to move in reverse for a duration.) Reading retrogrades is one of the secrets the magi used millennia ago to trace the birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth. If we traced the apparent movement of a planet in retrograde, it would seem as if we were drawing a circle or ellipse in the sky. By following the progress of Venus in these three depictions of the triple conjunctions, we can detect the circle it is drawing. (All graphics are from the Stellarium astronomy computer program.)

July 1, 2015

August 4, 2015

October 25, 2015

Jupiter conjuncts also with Regulus (the "king" star located in Leo) on August 11 before Venus catches it again in October. As if that wasn't enough, Venus then conjuncts with Mars on November 2, 2015 right at the dividing line between Leo and Virgo (which is the ending and beginning line of the Mazzaroth).

That is a tremendous amount of activity going on in the heavens, and I did not even mention the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter on October 17. Even without these other conjunctions happening, the Venus/Jupiter triple conjunction occurring within a four-month period of time, all within Leo, carries a massive message.

It is important to note, as it is in all celestial interpretations, where the event is taking place, meaning the constellation in which it is happening. All of these conjunctions are occurring in Leo, which represents the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Since the lion is the king of beasts and Leo is the last constellation in the celestial story line of Messiah, this constellation more than any other tells of the coming of the King. The message of Leo shows Messiah coming in glory and judgment, with its amplifiers (decans)-Hydra, Crater and Corvus-foretelling of doom and vengeance on God's enemies. Hydra the sea serpent (who represents Satan) is shown with Leo pouncing upon its head and poised to rend its flesh into pieces. Crater is represented as the cup of wrath being poured on God's enemies, and Corvus is a vulture eating the flesh of Hydra, typifying complete vengeance and vindication upon the enemy.

This article might look like an exercise in astronomy but it contains a sobering message being declared by the heavens. Given the surrounding signs in the heavens of the eclipses and the Jupiter/Venus conjunctions, it seems plausible that the heavens are prophesying to us. If you are not on the right side, the message might not be good news; however, if you are on the right side, it will be good news. Either way, it should invoke the fear of God in all of us.

Remember that on Messiah's second trip to earth, He will not be carrying a shepherd's rod but a rod of iron and judgment. That is what these conjunctions are saying as they utter speech day unto day for anyone who has eyes to see. It is simple to read the text Christologically with a basic understanding of the star names within the constellations. Simply stated, Leo is Jesus and Hydra is Satan. Jesus has His feet on Satan's head, in much the same way as Hercules is trouncing on Draco (the serpent) in the middle of the heavens. The heavens are symbolically showing the ultimate triumph over evil, as promised in the Bible. In Leo, it shows judgment and vindication as well. These conjunctions are like God's way of underlining His text in the heavens to show that Jesus is coming.

Since the first conjunction of Venus and Jupiter over the head of Hydra, Venus has been retrograding in a way that will cause it to circle back over Hydra's head as if it is tracing a noose around it. In other words, Venus' retrograde over Hydra shows it closing in on the kill, indicating judgment and punishment against Satan, and ultimately his death. In addition, Venus' July 22 conjunction with Regulus, the star that means "ruling under foot," displays Messiah's brilliant dominance over evil and its perpetrator. A few weeks later, Jupiter gets its turn to go into conjunction with Regulus between the lion's feet on August 11.

In the second conjunction on August 4, Venus and Jupiter will not be as closely aligned as they were in the first one, but they will still be aligned toward the North Pole. Venus will begin making its circle around Hydra's head at this time and continue doing so in the western sky up to the last conjunction in October.

This last of the Venus/Jupiter triple conjunctions will occur in the back portion of Leo, where the star Denebola is located. Since Denebola means "the Lord is coming to judge," we can reasonably deduce that this indicates judgment. Corvus, the avenging vulture, also contributes to this judgment message. The Lion of the tribe of Judah, depicted by Leo, will open the seals and release the evil to show the world what He, because of His mercy, has been holding back from them for so long. The time of the Great Tribulation and God's Wrath will be intensely sobering and fearful when God removes His hand from holding back man's enemies. It will be a time of righteousness and justice as evil is exposed and punished. The true God Yahweh will have the last say.

When this time comes, everyone on earth will know it. It will not be hidden away in a dark corner-it will happen in the presence of the entire world.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction two thousand years ago that was possibly "His Star" announced Messiah's first coming in glory and peace on earth to all. Could it be that the Venus/Jupiter triple conjunction of 2015 is also "His Star," announcing His second coming when He will bring His judgment to the world?

Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near. ~Luke 21:28

Our times are in His hands.