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Proverb of the Day


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Note from Dr. Dale: This is a post I recently wrote for my granddaughter's blog site, specifically targeting her generation. However, I believe it can help us more "mature" folk as well and so I've decided to post it here for all of you to benefit from too. I believe it's a great way to start the day--using the book of Proverbs as a daily devotional guide. Enjoy!

January 23, 2022                     

Hey this is Kaitlin’s granddad and #1 fan, Dr. Dale. I love her blog and want to contribute.

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but didn’t know where to turn to once it’s in your hands? I have a great little tip that will help you: go to the Proverb of the Day.

The Proverb of the day is the one that matches the day of the month. For instance, I wrote this on January 23rd, and so I would have turned to Proverb 23. The Book of Proverbs, which is found about half way through the Bible, is an awesome book because it gives you words of God for direction and counsel in your life. It was designed to build knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and the fear (reverence) of the Lord. Not only that, but there are 31 proverbs in it, which means it fits conveniently into a month (give or take).

Did you know that the book of Proverbs was written for youth to obtain wisdom (Proverbs 1:4)? Of course, it works for us adults too—to show us whether what we are doing is right or wrong. Regardless, as you read it each day of the month, God’s Spirit will emphasize particular verses that seem meant just for you at that point in time. It’s good to write these down and even memorize them and say them throughout your day, because they can keep you grounded and peaceful—no matter what is going on around you.

As you do this, the Holy Spirit will build your character and help you to be a better witness for Christ.

Here is my personal story that illustrates the Proverb of the Day.

After graduating from college (just after Noah got off the boat), I wanted to go on an overseas mission trip, but could not. Money talks. So, I went on a self-commissioned mission trip at my job at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte because I knew that Jesus was real here in the USA too. As glorious as it sounds, I was handing out gym equipment—basketballs, volleyballs, handball rackets, clean shirts, towels, and jockeys (to the boys). In fact, my official title became “jockey-jockey.” I just smiled at the nickname, knowing that I was on mission for the Lord—and getting paid for it too! 


There’s a lesson in this: if our number one mission is to represent Christ, then we can do this anywhere we are—whether we are on a “mission trip” (for which we had to get funds and/or donations) or at our job where we are getting paid. Wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, if we are doing it for the Lord, then we are in full-time ministry. Whether you’re an Uber driver, or a medical worker, a school teacher, a civil engineer, a mortician, or a full-time parent (which I suppose every parent is full time) we are in a full-time ministry position—if we are representing Him well. You may be earning a living but you are also getting paid by Jesus. This is true double indemnity. Get paid twice. Once by your boss and then by the REAL Boss. You get paid by Jesus as long as He is the reason you show up and show off.  


Even at that young age, this became my God-ordained, self-commissioned mission: to witness the Bible to every person I could each day. And guess how I did it? By reading the Proverb of the Day every morning before I went to work.


Each morning before I left, I read the Bible, looking particularly for something in the Proverb of the Day that stood out and inspired me. I then wrote it down on a 3” X 5” card (because “post-it-notes” had not yet been invented). On my way to work and all throughout the day, I kept that card close so I could remember what I read and say it aloud or to myself. I was “hiding it in my heart” like the Bible talks about in the book of Psalms. The next thing I did was to look for a place to share it.


As I handed out gym equipment, the Proverb of the Day was in my mind, and I silently looked at each student for any hint of hunger for God. I gave everyone a “God bless you” and a smile; and when the Holy Spirit prompted me I added, “Would you like to hear the Proverb of the Day that I memorized for you?” Then without waiting for permission, I blurted it out. If I couldn’t remember it, I simply stopped and checked my card—and then blurted it out!


The results were amazing, like throwing a baited hook with a cork into a pond. If they smiled, I told them what it meant to me and then asked them if they had any ideas about what it might mean to them. And if they didn’t smile, I’d throw the bait out again the next time I saw them. Sometimes the big fish need to see the bait more than once before they grab it. I didn’t give up but fished for them again and again using my Proverb of the Day bait.

I have lost count of the numbers of people whose lives were impacted by the Lord through this simple but powerful “mission” method of using the Proverb of the Day. What is found in each day’s reading was relevant then, and it is relevant today. Remember that these were designed for you—for youth—to obtain wisdom and build a Christ-like character. Not only have these proverbs helped me to represent the Lord well, but they also molded my character to become a better minister, husband, father, grandfather—and a reasonably respectable “spectator” at my granddaughter’s basketball games. They can likewise mold you into a holy, considerate, loving, Jesus-person as you read them, memorize them, and then share them.

I wrote this post on January 23rd. The verses that stood out to me that morning from Proverbs 23 were 24 and 25; and these were what inspired me to contribute to Kaitlin’s Jesus blog.

The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice, and he who begets a wise child will delight in him. Let your father and your mother be glad, and let her who bore you rejoice. ~Proverbs 23:24–25

These verses apply to you now, as you honor your parents, and will apply to you later, when you have your own children.

As you become wise and make good decisions from reading the Proverb of the Day, your parents (and grandparents too) will greatly rejoice, as I do in Kaitlin.  As a minister who has worked quite a bit with youth, I have witnessed many parents who were influenced by their own children as they saw them live love, the Bible, and Jesus. My own mom and dad turned to the Lord in a much deeper way when they saw the genuineness of my faith. 😊

So, get your Bible, and if you do not have one, ask Jesus to bring you one, and wait on the Lord. (If He tarries, let me know and I will intercede and maybe someday I will tell you the story of how I was called to the ministry by asking for my first Bible.)  Many of the nicer Bibles have a ribbon bookmarker sewn into the binding, so ask Jesus for a nice one! Put the ribbon in Proverbs and begin reading the Proverb of the Day. Remember to write down any verses that stand out to you and memorize them, by speaking them aloud repeatedly. Say them often throughout your day and talk about them. When you see a date on the calendar or on your phone, or wherever, you will be reminded of the verses you memorized on those days.

Note: You can also download a Bible app on your phone which will give you a Bible verse a day to read or memorize. But remember that the Book of Proverbs is the book that was specifically designed for you as a youth to build wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and a reverence for God in your mind and heart.

As these proverbs impact your life and change you, they will remain with you forever and give you the underlying confidence that you will never be alone.

As you turn to the Proverb of the Day each and every day, you will never have to wonder what to read when you open your Bible. And you can always get to it even when the internet is down. 😊

So get your Bible and put the ribbon in Proverbs!

Proverb of the Day

Read, Memorize and Share:

A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels: To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. ~Proverbs 1:5-7 

Friday, December 18, 2020

The Meaning of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020


©2020 by Dale M. Sides


Numerous articles have been posted online and in scientific journals about the upcoming conjunction of the two giant outer planets of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st. The writers speak of its rarity and brilliance, with some calling it “A Christmas Kiss.” They provide information on how it can be seen and provide details of location and timing for its greatest visibility. As much as I appreciate the science behind these articles, none of them provide an explanation of the message it will speak.  


One would think if it is such a significant event, that it would have a meaning. And it does. As a matter of fact, its message perfectly coincides with the chaos going on in the world right now. This is why I am excited to be able to offer an interpretation of it, and I believe you will be excited as well when you see what it is saying. Whether or not you are able to view the actual conjunction, I believe its message will fill your heart with hope, knowing that God is in control. Remember that He wrote it down in the heavens long before any of this happened and He never leaves Himself without a witness. 


A little background of how celestial messages are interpreted will aid our understanding of this celestial anomaly’s prophetic message. The major key in interpreting a celestial event such as this, or an eclipse or comet, is to see where in the heavens it is occurring. In other words, what is the backdrop behind the occurrence? An interpretation of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s recent movements leading up to this time will also help us to determine its message. The movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, and comets is what provides the heavens their prophetic power 


Each of the constellations has a meaning, and its message can be easily interpreted by understanding their symbology. As you look at the chart below of the twelve major constellations, you will see their detailed representations. These are more than pictures—they are symbols which have multiple layers of understanding and were actually designed to be interpreted. For example, if you locate Sagittarius in the lower left-hand corner, you will see that it is depicted as a warrior on a mission to shoot a prey (the scorpion). 


© 2018 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International


Note: A more complete story of the meanings of the 12 constellations is fascinating and simple to understand, but for convenience sake I am offering you the abridged version in this blog posting. However, it is available in my e-book, The History and Truth of the Zodiac, at (Scroll down the alphabetical listing to find it.)


Sagittarius, the warrior, is the constellation that Jupiter and Saturn have traversed through during the course of 2020. Just from this alone, we can see that the message is dealing with warfare and violence. And that message is doubled by the fact that two planets traveled through it and not just one. That indicates serious warfare, rather than a small skirmish. In addition, the Bible teaches that when a message is given twice, it is established (Genesis 41:32b).  We are going to see that this message is not only given twice, but it is eventually emphasized six times—and with many more specifics, establishing the point that the warfare is greater than a skirmish





The paths and locations of these planets over the past several months are visible in the charts provided here.


© 2020 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International



© 2020 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International


What could be confusing to the untrained eye is that both of them (usually traveling from a left to right direction) appear to stop and go backwards for a period of time, and then reverse and appear to go forward again. This is an optical illusion called a retrograde. It occurs when a faster moving object overtakes a slower moving one and while passing it, causes the scenery behind the slower moving object to look as if it is going backwards for a short time before the illusion is clarified and it begins its prograde and move in the proper direction. This causes them to appear as if they are drawing a loop in the sky. Throughout time, retrogrades have been considered significant signs. The ancient magi would stay up all night to ponder their meanings (and modern-day magi do the same). What we are looking for is the object that is being encircled.


The even more interesting fact about this particular retrograde is that both planets were doing it—and almost simultaneously. A coincidence? I think not.


In this instance, both of the giant planets were encircling a location that was telling and foretelling the destruction of evil—and of justice being served to Satan and his workers of iniquity. In the Christological sense, it was showing the judgments being issued and justice being enforced upon Satan. 


Please remember: this meaning is doubled by the action of two planets. These retrogrades were in the same place in the heavens at the same time. Wake up the trumpeter! Judgments have been determined and justice will be served.  


After the retrograde, both planets continued in their prograde motion, and they are still in it today. But on December 21, they will overlap and appear as one object from our perspective. At that point, they will move together as one into the next constellation of Capricorn, the dying scapegoat. The meaning of this is similar to the meaning of Revelation 12 when Satan (Draco) is cast down and his wrath is great because his days are few. It shows that conflict and the destruction of evil is within Capricorn. This message is clear. Evil is being judged and justice is coming. The following chart is a depiction of the conjunction of December 21st. 


© 2020 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International


I am amazed that such a spectacular celestial event can take place—and at a time and location in the sky that is visible to much of the world. But whether or not one can see it clearly in the sky, who has the eyes to see what it is really saying? (See Psalm 19:1–4 and Romans 10:18b.)


Note: I have been observing the signs of the heavens personally for over 25 years and all the messages have spoken of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and his retribution on Satan. I initially thought the comets’ intersections in 1996 and 1997 in the forehead of the Medusa at the star Rosh Satanas on consecutive Passovers was the sign of His coming. I soon learned from history that at His first coming there were many incredible celestial signs for years before and after.


Over the past 25 years of personally examining the heavens, I have witnessed comets, the tetrad eclipses which announced the restoration of Israel, and eclipses announcing the return of the King. Recently the appearance of an unknown comet (Neowise) said that the Lord is coming to gather his saints and reap the harvest at the end of the age. Then another comet this year, just below the brightness of visibility with the naked eye, says justice is coming (more on that later). In other words, the judgments have been made, now justice is coming. Be patient. Wait for it. I have posted several YouTube presentations on these events on the Christological Astronomy YouTube channel at, which you may view at your convenience. 


The salient point of tracing this brief history backwards of celestial signs is that they ALL are pointing to the coming of the Lord and the judgment on Satan and wickedness in this world. And the context of this conjunction continues the story line. It is telling of the judgment and justice coming in the world and the return of Christ to rule for a 1,000 years. 


When Jupiter and Saturn simultaneously retrograded in Sagittarius, Mars was also retrograding in Pisces, showing the King coming to rescue His elect. Mars is the red “war” planet representing freedom from slavery. Prophetically, the heavens are screaming: “Pay attention. Lift up your eyes. Your redemption draws nigh.” They tell of the coming judgment and justice to the evil one and his sons of darkness.  



The Amplifiers Amplify the Message 


By divine design, dating back to ancient times, there were 48 original constellations. Twelve of these are major constellations with each one having three amplifiers. Each major constellation can be thought of as a lead singer (e.g., Frankie Valli), with its amplifiers being likened to the backup singers (e.g., the Four Seasons). Using this comparison, we can say that the amplifiers add harmony to the melody of the major constellation.


Note: The interpretation of these constellations is scientifically ordered and understood according to their rising over the eastern horizon. 


We have seen that Jupiter and Saturn passed through Sagittarius and then retrograded backwards through it again, before turning around and prograding out of Sagittarius. During their journey, each planet passed through two amplifiers (modifiers) of Sagittarius at least three times. That means that the significance of this event is multiplied three times two of them, so it changes the multiplier of significance from 2 times to 6 times.  (Don’t forget that these are the two giant planets in our solar system.) 


The amplifiers that Jupiter and Saturn passed through, forward and backward and forward again, were the constellations of Ara and Draco. The symbology of these two constellations further emphasize the significance of this message.


Ara is depicted by an upside-down funeral pyre, symbolically showing judgments against an enemy. Jupiter and Saturn passed by this constellation three times, emphasizing that judgments have been made on Satan (three times each by 2 planets).


© 2018 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International


Draco is depicted by a serpent being stomped to death and cast down, specifically stomped by Hercules and then dive-bombed by Lyra. It is the centermost constellation in the heavens and, as such, shows God’s plan of redemption and retribution. Jupiter and Saturn passed by Draco six times, emphasizing that Satan has been cast down. Remember that this occurred leading up to their conjunction on December 21st.  


© 2018 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International


 Jupiter and Saturn appeared to be ballroom dancing as they graciously moved forward together and then, almost simultaneously as if on cue, changed direction—and then changed direction again. And currently, Jupiter is in the process of overtaking Saturn to figuratively embrace it. Jupiter will catch Saturn as they are both passing from Sagittarius, resolutely and emphatically announcing that Satan (along with his evil) has been judged and cast down (along with his workers of iniquity.) Once they depart from Sagittarius, they progress together towards Capricorn.



The Movement into Capricorn 


When Jupiter “catches” Saturn, they will appear to overlap in a brilliant display of singularity. (There will only be 1/10th of a degree of difference in their location from our perspective here on Earth.) They will carry the message that Satan and his evil have been judged and will be cast down; and they will enter Capricorn, the sacrificial goat. This indicates that a sacrifice will be made, implicating the shedding of blood, as per the scapegoat of the Old Testament.


The highly anticipated conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur within the constellation of Capricorn, yet more specifically in the area relating to the amplifying constellation of Sagitta, “the arrow of affliction.” Sagitta is symbolic of an arrow that has pierced the eagle Aquila, who is falling wounded from the sky.


© 2018 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International


The interpretation of this is that affliction is coming to the evil ones who have had judgments made upon them. They will be cast down.


After Jupiter and Saturn’s dance, they will separate, although they will both remain in Capricorn—Jupiter for one year and Saturn for two. Perhaps their stays in Capricorn indicate that justice will be served to the sons of darkness and evil for a longer duration, and affliction will be upon Satan and the workers of iniquity for a lengthy time as well. 



An Additional Sign 


Simultaneous to this great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that began earlier this year, a comet entered our solar system. Though science determined that it passes our way every 2,500 years, it was still a bit of an unexpected event for most of us. I have recently posted a YouTube on it entitled “Erasmus—the Comet of Justice.” Its details and path contribute to the story of the coming retribution and affliction on evil. But it carries a deeper message.


Erasmus, or “Justice,” is just below magnification, meaning that it is not visible with the naked eye. However, we can view it through telescopes or binoculars and know where it is and where it is going. It tells the same story with this addition: justice is coming but it is hard to see presently—wait for it!


The following chart shows the progression of Comet Justice. 


© 2020 by Liberating Ministries for Christ International


This comet showed up first in Leo in the amplifier of Corus. Leo can be interpreted as the justice of God delivered upon evildoers, as depicted by Corvus eating the flesh of its enemy (the ultimate reprisal against an enemy—to kill him and then to eat him.) The next major constellation Justice entered was Libra, the Scales of Justice. The message it displayed traveling through its modifiers was that a price had to be paid. On December 12, it was in conjunction with the star Antares, the perverse one, in Scorpio. This shows the revelation of the enemy.


On December 21st, Comet Justice will enter the foot of Ophiuchus in Scorpio, indicating the crushing of the enemy under foot—on the same day as the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  


The fact that Comet Justice is not visible to the naked eye delivers this message: Most people will not see Justice coming.



The Significance of the Winter Solstice 


That the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur on the winter solstice intensifies its message. Since it is actually the first day of summer in the southern hemisphere, a more accurate name for this day would be the December Solstice. In the southern hemisphere, this makes it their longest day; yet in the northern hemisphere, it is our shortest (almost making it our longest night).


Note: Solstices are astronomical events caused by the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth’s axis coupled with its yearly movement around the Sun. Equinoxes occur two separate days of the year and are determined by the equal lengths of their day and night. But the shortest and longest days are called Solstices.  The root word of solstice is “solar” (sun) and its etymology comes from the Latin sol (“sun”) and sistere (“to stand”).  During these events, the Sun appears to stand still for three days and nights.  


The solstice has taken on a spiritual meaning in Sun worship, symbolizing the death and resurrection of Ra, the Sun god. In many cultures, legal death is only ascertained after three days and three nights. The deeper reality behind this is the ancient prophecy of the Son of Man who would be raised from the dead. After three days and three nights of lifelessness, He would be legally declared dead.  


The Roman Catholic Church chose December 25 as the birth date of Jesus of Nazareth because of the cultural belief at that time in the Sun god, Ra. The Sun’s shortest day was thought to symbolize Ra’s death; his resurrection was thought to be symbolized when the day appears to begin lengthening again, which is three days after the December solstice, on the 25th. So that is why the Roman Catholics made December 25 the birth of Messiah, because it was already celebrated as the birthdate of Ra, the Sun god that is directly related to the December solstice.   


However, biblical history, along with astronomy, assures us that Jesus the Messiah was born on September 11, 3 bc.  The practice of syncretism (merging beliefs) was the primary way the Roman Catholic (universal) church constructed its doctrine. It was to be the universal church of the Roman Empire, so they took a little from this religion and a little from another religion, gave them Christian names, and this is how the December solstice became the anchor point of Christmas being on December 25th. It is a mass celebrated for Christ on the 3rd day after his death symbolized by the solstice. December 22 (or the 21st this year), being a solstice, further indicates death.  This contributes to the overall meaning and again intensifies the urgency of the matters. 


Finally, in closing, the interpretation of this event should serve to remind us of the hope of the promise of Christ’s return. It also reminds us that it is after the storm that the calm comes. As the day of His coming approaches, we should anticipate victory that will come through our struggles against evil and recognize that when justice comes, it will not be seen by all. But it will be seen by those who have eyes to see.


All of these astronomical events have a significance. The interpretation is reasonably sure because we can verify it by the context of other facts and their culminating witness: Satan has been judged; justice is coming.


Expect more upheaval in the days ahead. And yet, when these things occur, “look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28). 


And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. ~Matthew 11:12  KJV