Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Lunar Eclipse and Celestial Events of July 27, 2018

On July 27, 2018 a lunar eclipse, being touted as the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century, will cover most of Africa and Asia. In addition, there are other celestial signs happening simultaneously that also merit our attention. This eclipse will not be visible from any place in North America, but it will be visible in Israel, the center of the Earth from God’s perspective. Many millions of people across the world will witness this celestial display; and yet, who has “eyes to see” what they are looking at?

There is a message in the eclipse. This is not just a light show to dazzle those who stay up late at night. We need to lift up our eyes and consider what the celestial word of God is saying. This article explains some of the significant events and offers a plausible interpretation of the eclipse and the message that God may be telegraphing to Earth.

There are three separate celestial events occurring at this time.
·         The lunar eclipse
·         The message of Mars
·         All the major planets are on the same side of the Sun

Each event is significant but when you put the three together, it appears that something big is brewing and we are getting a preview of coming attractions. This is a big message; pay attention.

Interpreting an Eclipse

Interpreting an eclipse requires the examination of a series of things: 1) the location of the Moon in the heavens at the time of the eclipse, 2) the location of other planets visible during the eclipse, and 3) the location of the Earth where the shadow passes. The eclipse of July 27, 2018 will have some amazing displays and possibly is sending a message to all who know how to read it. It is being magnificently accentuated by the retrograde and brightness of Mars, which will be exactly next to it in the heavens and cannot be missed if you see the eclipse.

(Incidentally, this is not astrology but is the Christological study of the message in heavens, which Psalm 19 says changes daily. Anytime that you want to know what the heavens are saying “today,” go to This is our computer program that has even amazed NASA. If you want to know what the heavens declared about you on the day of your birth (Genesis 1:13), go to These are Christological interpretations according to accurate astronomy and not errant astrological, archaic tables. The heavens declare the glory of God; the day you were born has a message about your potential glory.)

Eclipses are a big deal when we read the celestial word of God and they historically tend to indicate a bad omen or cataclysm. Blood moon eclipses over Israel were often times of bloodshed—for example, when the angel of death “passed over” the Israelites at the first Passover when the Egyptians’ firstborn died. It is not unusual for Israel to be around shedding of blood at blood moons and now, when we see what Mars (representing Yeshua the warrior) is doing in the heavens, it is breathtaking indeed. This portends toward war, even for Israel.

In interpreting an eclipse, the location of the eclipse in the heavens is of foremost importance, even before we begin looking at where the shadow will cross the face of Earth. When the light of the Moon dims, paying attention to what is visible elsewhere in the heavens is extremely important too. In this particular eclipse, something of huge significance is happening with less than 10 degrees of separation from the Moon—the planet Mars in retrograde, shining the brightest it has ever been in the history of mankind. (Note: Not only is Mars in retrograde at the time of this visibility, but Jupiter and Saturn are also. It is very unusual for three planets to be in retrograde simultaneously on the same side of the Earth, so this intensifies the significance of the event even more.) And if that wasn’t enough, all the other major planets will be on the same dark side of the Earth where the eclipse and the retrograde of Mars will be visible. The greater the number of significant events happening at the same time, the more emphatic the message is.

The Moon
First, when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth on July 27th, it will be located against the backdrop of Sagittarius, in the locator decan of Draco. Sagittarius is the bow man coming to take vengeance on his foe, the Scorpion. His arrow is trained on the Scorpion and he is coming in judgment. The amplifiers (decans) of Sagittarius are all nasty vindicators. First is Lyra, meaning the praise of God torments the devil; next is Ara, the devil’s judgment signified by the lake of fire; and last is Draco, being trounced underfoot by Hercules, aka Yeshua the redeemer. At the time of the eclipse, the Moon will be located in the rear part of Sagittarius. This is the area of Sagittarius assigned to relate to Draco, or Satan, or the devil (Revelation 12:9). Of all the areas in the heavens, this particular location points at the devil, and especially his defeat.

What does this mean? For Christ followers, this reminds us of the authority we have over Satan; and yet, even with superior power over him, he must still be thrown down. We are to be sober and vigilant for a battle is approaching. This also may have international significance because of the retrograde of Mars. I personally believe that Israel needs to be vigilant and to be prepared for war, either proactive or reactive.

This picture is representation of the location of the Moon and Mars at the time of the eclipse.

Location of Moon and Mars on July 27th

The Message of Mars

Next is what will be seen in the immediate vicinity of the Moon during the eclipse. It will not be missed, even when the Moon is full and not eclipsed! It is impossible to not notice it in the southern skies during the early morning hours. Mars, depicting Yeshua the warrior, is shining in its brightness to Earth more than at any other time in thousands of years. Its name in Hebrew is so obvious now; it is Madim, the color red. It is the atonement planet and shows the willingness of Messiah to shed blood for us. Mars shows Jesus the warrior fighting for His people. During the eclipse, it will be at its brightest and it will be located in the heart of Capricorn the sacrificial goat in a dazzling display of retrograde motion—just next to the blood red moon.

Astronomically, a retrograde motion is an optical illusion cause by one object overtaking another when looking at the background behind it. The other object appears to move backwards for a brief moment as we would pass by it. It happens when a driver passes a car on the interstate highway; it also happens when the planets we are viewing pass by each other while we are looking at the backdrop behind them. They actually appear to go backwards over a period of time and then to go forward again. When you look at the trail it leaves, it appears to draw a circle or an ellipse in the sky. What it circles is important. This is a huge key in interpreting the heavens and is one of the secrets of Magi of old. (Note: There is a specific article on retrogrades in the appendices of my book, Christological Astronomy: Interpreting Christological Profiles in the Heavens, available in the e-store at

When Mars retrogrades, it often signifies war. Also, this is the red planet showing the shedding of blood and it has been circling around the front part of Capricorn for months now. Capricorn is the sacrificial goat. This is a violent, bloody spot in the heavens and the events happening on the Earth around this time could very well be the same.

Several years ago, I did some research on retrogrades of Mars as it relates to Israel’s military and political history. The summary is that oftentimes when Mars goes into a retrograde motion Israel has military involvement, and within the past 100 years it has indicated a decisive victory for them. Examples of Israel coinciding with Mars’ retrogrades are the Balfour Declaration of 1918, Israel becoming a nation in May 1948, and the Six Day War of 1967, among others.

Here is a picture of the current retrograde.

Retrograde of Mars May–October 2018

The brightness of Mars. Only once in 30,000 years has Mars been as bright as it is now. Both Mars and the Earth are in opposition, meaning on the opposite side of the Sun, and since Earth is passing by Mars causing the retrograde, we are closest to it and so it appears even brighter than at any other time. Both of the planets have orbits that are elliptical and not circular, and now the two ellipses are bringing the planets closer than at any time in thousands of years—perhaps ever since the history of mankind on the Earth. Mars, or more preferably Madim, the red one, has been beaming the message of the Lord fighting for His people. This has a meaning for us and it possibly has a special message for Israel.

When we combine the meanings of the eclipse together with the retrograde and Mars being at its brightest, an interesting conclusion emerges—all of these signs indicate conflict, bloodshed, and perhaps warfare. The Moon in Sagittarius in the decan of Draco shows the throwing down of Satan in a violent conflict. And then, accentuating the announcement of his demise is the planet Mars in its most brilliant radiance, retrograding. Mars represents Jesus the warrior, and in retrograde it shows Him circling back to double the judgment on his enemies. By its brilliance, it is screaming that the Lord is fighting for His people. This is a “RRRBD” (really, really, really big deal). And yet, there is more.

All Major Planets on the Same Side of the Sun
It is a rare occurrence indeed to have all the major planets on the same side as the Sun at any given time. It is difficult to determine how often this happens but this is the first time in at least 200+ years. So in interpreting this eclipse, what we see when the light of the Moon dims is important. In this case, all the planets will be seeable during that time. It does not mean that all will be visible with the naked eye, but Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will be quite visible. The other planets (Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are seeable with optic aids. Having all of them on the same side of the Sun during the eclipse is special. Here is a link to an article and video on the subject.

All the major planets on the same side as the Sun could mean that God is about to do a big thing so that everyone can see it. The fact that it is visible over Israel lends the interpretation more international significance. If this is so, it could be a big affair.

On the morning of July 27th, Africa, Asia, and especially Israel will experience the blood moon eclipse. The Moon will pass in the shadow of the Earth in the longest eclipse in this century. Could this mean that God really wants us to see this so He is leaving it up a little longer than usual? The Moon will be located in the rear section of Sagittarius, in the area that indicates Yeshua’s victory over Satan.

When the Moon dims, immediately to the left of the eclipse, Mars will be brilliantly beaming its message brighter than ever before seen by humans. It is the red planet indicating the shedding of blood. It is in retrograde which says, “Hey look at this!” It is encircling the heart of Capricorn the sacrificial goat whose throat was cut and blood was shed. This looks like a bloody scene. Since Mars in retrograde also can indicate Yeshua fighting for Israel, this could mean a military conflict for Israel is on the immediate horizon.

And last, all the planets will be on the same side as the Sun and seeable during the eclipse. Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and of course Mars will be shining brightly and visible. (Note: The eclipse itself will not happen during the night time for North America, so it will not be visible there. But the position of Mars and appearance of other planets will still be seeable.)

What does this mean? First of all, it does not mean that something absolutely will happen on this particular day. It could, but there is not a guarantee. The heavens are God’s calling card and oftentimes, He announces significant events in advance.

Personally, this has a serious message that Jesus will fight for His people and throw Satan down. We should remember this in our personal walks, but we also need to put our foot down and claim our authority. This would be a good time for us to attack the enemy through destroying his strongholds in our lives. Don’t sign a peace treaty with the devil. Attack sin; repent; be holy and victorious over Satan. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). The eclipse says it; Madim/Mars says it through the retrograde and brightness, and all the planets agree—this could be a good time to go to war. Jesus will fight for us.

The retrograde of Mars usually has military and political omens for Israel. This could be a good time for a victory for Israel, and a bad time for its enemies. The fact that all the planets will be visible during the eclipse means that this could be a really big deal. If Israel had Magi now, I believe they would convey this message to Prime Minister Netanyahu. This would be a great time to be proactive.

There are several big wars touted by prophecy. Many people are looking for signs of the Ezekiel 38 and 39 conflict, others are looking for Damascus to be destroyed, and yet there is still Armageddon. We have plenty of choices since there will be wars and rumors of war during the end times. All the separate events that are occurring in the heavens during this eclipse are announcing something big. It appears to be bloody and not good news for enemies of the children and people of God. I do believe that this could have international significance and could be very important for Israel. Wouldn’t it be great to see the war of Ezekiel 38? Not for the destruction and bloodshed, but for the Jews to wake up and realize that Yeshua is mighty for them.

The heavens are read through interpreting the symbols of the constellations with respect to the movement of the Sun, Moon, and planets. There are certainly other interpretations of these celestial events, and yet the impending issue of warfare and the shedding of blood is being foretold. So let’s gird up the loins of our minds and be prepared for such things (2 Timothy 2:3).

Regardless of what occurs, in all the things we are reminded to lift up our eyes for our redemption draws nigh and the King is coming. We are not looking for signs in the heavens in as much as we are looking for the Lord Jesus Christ to return out of the heavens.

The signs indicate that we are getting close. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.