Thursday, March 27, 2014


And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”                                                                                                Matthew 4:19

While on my recent trip to India (February/March 2014), the Lord showed me perhaps the largest available catch of men (people) in the history of the world. He also taught me the best net to use, as well as how to cast it, so that I could conceivably pull in millions of Hindus into His kingdom. The following is a brief synopsis of what I saw while in India, including His amazing method of fishing.

My personal goal on this mission trip was to sow Christological Astronomy and the knowledge of God’s celestial word into the nation of India; and I believe it was well accomplished. In my preparation for teaching Christological Astronomy in India, I studied Hindu astrology to come up with a game plan going in; however, I was unprepared for what I found. The research was sufficient for “blowing holes” in Hindu astrology, as I had in both North and South America; but I discovered that astrology, or “astro-divining” is a much bigger deal in Hinduism and throughout all India than in either of the Americas. In fact, it is so huge there that it has given the Indian church an even worse attitude about the celestial message than either North or South American churches. 

When I discovered that Hindu kids are taught the heavens and already know the constellations at an early age, I was blown out of the water. Because they were already primed for this information, I was able to easily show them Messiah in the heavens. When I explained His birth to them, they got it and readily accepted it.

I saw this same readiness and acceptance in Indian adults when I witnessed God’s celestial message on the streets to both a Hindu and a Muslim in the same afternoon and hooked the two of them on Messiah! I also found prophecies in the ancient Vedas that told of Messiah’s coming and gave accounts of the wise men (magi) from India who went to find Him. However, it was disappointing to observe that the Indians who had been raised Christian had absolutely no knowledge of, or respect for, these celestial messages. Those who were raised as Hindus knew a great deal about them and respected their authority; thus, they were far more receptive to the truths of Messiah being written in the heavens than their Christian-raised counterparts.

Please understand that even as a new “magi,” the knowledge and secrets I am carrying far predate what any astro-diviner has ever considered. This is because they were hidden in the Bible for true followers of Messiah to find. One of the greatest weapons God has armed me with is the ability to debunk astrology; and I find myself holding the keys to potentially the most abundant harvest of men and women for the kingdom of God in the history of the world. Since I do like to fish and have experienced the giddiness of finding the “honey hole” loaded with trophies, I am currently prepping to haul in a net overflowing with an abundance of people for God’s kingdom. My boasting is in the Lord because He was the One who gave me the zeal and courage to defy the church and most everyone else to recapture His truth written in the heavens. He has now brought me stand upon the threshold of bringing in a huge catch for His kingdom, where I will catch Hindus by the thousands, if not millions! Think I am excited?

As exciting as this is, the obstacle of the uninformed/misinformed religious attitude of the church still stands in my way. This attitude is not only present in the American church; it is even more prevalent in the Indian church. Here is my dilemma: I have been given the ability to harvest multitudes of Indian Hindus; but to do so means offending the church. After thinking this through and seeking God for help, my anxiety melted away when I realized that the catch that awaits the kingdom of God is made up of those trapped in the deception of Hinduism. 

I am fishing in these waters. I have the right to do so according to the Scriptures and will not be forbidden, even in the face of a fierce battle with religious attitudes and spirits.

How to Gather the Harvest

I have envisioned pulling a huge trawl, or fishing net, in an enormous circle and seeing thousands of people teeming into the kingdom of God. I have already been working on the net and am swiftly approaching the launching time. About a year ago, the Lord said to me, “I am going to change you from a hook-and-line fisherman into a commercial fisherman.” I got excited about the increased numbers of fish I could catch with a net; and then it dawned on me that the word “commercial” also includes a profit. Both aspects excite me, because I desire to plunder Hell and populate Heaven. The Lord also told me that what I was building at that time was the net or trawl that would gather the people in.  I knew He was speaking of the computer programs a number of us have been working on for several years. Because of God’s providence and leading of the Holy Spirit, we have constructed computer programs that explain Christological Astronomy in order to lead people into understanding who Messiah is, as well as giving them the potential for accepting Him as Redeemer and King. We are marketing it as the MAZ, or my MyAccurateZodiac. MAZ arguably has the most accurate planetary locations available. It has already caused NASA to rethink certain aspects of their astronomy programs, which has the potential of global impact upon other astronomy programs. MAZ could bring some much-needed clout into India where technology is thriving and knowledge is king. I am praying for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to help.

In my recent trip to India, my goal for teaching the live classes was 2 Timothy 2:2—to teach faithful men to teach others. I verbalized that I hoped to get at least 20 faithful English-speaking believers that I could train to teach others. That goal was far exceeded because I didn’t get 20—I got 200!  These are young Indian students who are zealous to recapture the glory of God out of the heavens that Satan has stolen. We have developed the Christological Astronomy Online Institute to train these 200 budding magi and teachers the celestial word of God, who will then be able to train others in their own languages. This is the Lord’s provision of laborers for the harvest.

A dilemma that will swiftly come upon us is the discipleship of those who will be added to the kingdom of God. The teachers who will be trained through the online institute will be a big part of this answer, as well as the Indian apostles throughout the nation that I am in contact with. They are all informed of what I am doing and have expressed a desire to help.    

This is truly great news for fishers of men. Imagine what it will be like to bring the knowledge of Messiah to so many who have been deceived by idols and abusive astro-diviners. With India’s population of almost a billion Hindus, this could be the greatest fishery for men and harvest for the kingdom of God in the history of the world. 

Please pray and intercede for the harvest, as well as for me and all the other laborers. I will keep posting updates as they come.