Friday, July 11, 2014


After returning from a recent class on Exercising Spiritual Authority where we witnessed many demons cast out of people, my good buddy Ed Murphy asked me how it went. My response stirred the fellow spiritual warrior in his soldier soul when I said, “Nothing seems quite as exhilarating as hearing a God-damned demon shrieking and screaming when they are cast out.” We both belly laughed as we remembered the times we have tormented demons and they came out of people kicking and screaming. We are not the first ones to experience such exhilarating excitement. It is a biblical fact that demons often scream when they are expelled.

For unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed.                                                          Acts 8:7a

It is interesting to note that it says the unclean spirits were the ones crying out—not the people they came out of. They are crying because they are being tormented and are in pain and agony.

In my prayer time following the above conversation, I was thanking the Lord for the power and authority to do such exploits. His response is still echoing in my head. He asked, “Has it occurred to you that I like to hear them scream too?” Actually, I had not considered that concept before; but now that I know He likes it, be assured that I will give Him some enjoyment in the near future. Why should He not like it? And why shouldn’t we like it as well? After all, it is evidence that the tormentors are being tormented.

Along the line of tormenting demons, not long after Jesus (Yeshua) walked out of the desert, He went to Capernaum where a demon reacted to His presence by crying out, “Let us alone! What have we to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth? Did You come to destroy us? I know who You are—the Holy One of God!” (Mark 1:24). The Luke 8:28 account of Jesus casting the demons out of the madman of the Gadarenes says, “What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg You, do not torment me!”

The demons cried out when they saw Jesus because they knew He was an expert demon hunter and they feared His presence. The demon asked Jesus, “Are you come to torment us before our time [of torment]?” Though Jesus did not qualify a response to the question, He demonstrated His answer. Not only did He cast them out, but He also sent them into a herd of pigs where they met a gruesome end by stampeding off the cliff and plunging into the water to drown. The result? The demons were left with no house or job. Jesus did not answer the demon’s question by saying yes, but the action proved the answer was and is—yes! Absolutely yes. He made it positively clear that He had indeed come to torment them before their time.

We often think of demons as the tormentors, but how often do we consider that we can torment them by casting them out of their house? When a demon is cast out, he is not asked to leave—he is thrown out against his will.
Demons lose their homes and jobs all in one violent action of expulsion. They scream because they are being driven out against their will, just as they have driven their victims against their will. How exciting to consider that we can torment the tormentors and inflict punishment on the punishers. Even more so, hearing their screams is incredibly, spiritually satisfying.

The Bible testifies that a time is coming when all demons will be chained in the pit with Satan for a thousand years and then afterward be cast into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. That is their time of promised torment. Yet, until then, those of us who love to torment the tormentors can enjoy the precursor of them being cast into the lake of fire by casting them out of their houses NOW.

So I say to the spiritual warrior out there, what could be more exciting and exhilarating than to hear the tormentors scream because they are being tormented?

Monday, May 12, 2014


Each year on April 28th the nation of Israel shuts down in observation of Holocaust Day, so I thought it befitting that they—and the rest of the world—know who was really responsible for this horrible event. For those who want the short answer without all the details, here it is: The Jesuits fomented the atrocity that we know today as the Holocaust.

Ignatius de Loyola founded the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) in the 1500’s. It soon became the militant arm of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), punishing those who stood against the RCC. From behind a deceptive camouflage, the Jesuits have secretly orchestrated wars and manipulated politics, especially stemming back to the founding of its cover group, the Illuminati, in 1776.

Loyola was an idealist who believed God would reward him for his secretive reprisals against all those who opposed the RRC. At first, he was viewed as an enemy of the church; but he gained favor with the Pope when he showed him the methods and techniques he used to acquire power. The Pope immediately joined forces with him and employed those strategies to advance the church. Loyola became the first Jesuit General of an army of priests formed to protect and advance the RCC agenda and was also the first one known as “the Black Pope” (this derogatory nickname was given because of their black garments and their covert activities). Ignatius de Loyola has been widely touted by the RCC authorities and was canonized 66 years after his death.

One of the strategies Loyola taught the Jesuits was to infiltrate organizations with the intent to either control it or to destroy it, based upon which is better for the mother church.

In the 1700s, Adam Weishaupt, a German Jesuit and devout student of Ignatius de Loyola, feigned demitting (resigning) from the Jesuits to develop a plan and secret society with the goal of world economic domination for a bloodline confederacy of “those who say they are Jews and are not.” This group became known as the Illuminati, the most powerful secret society in the world. Although the general populace knows that the Illuminati exists, few are aware that it is secretly run and owned by the Jesuits.

Note: The Chick tract publication, “Alberto,” exposes the little-known truth that the Illuminati is Jesuit-run. This series provides an insightful source for those that want to know who is manipulating much of the evil in the world.1

Recently, the former legal counselor for the World Bank, Karen Hudes, resigned her position of 21 years to disclose the secret operations of the World Bank and their direct ties to the Jesuits. The Jesuits killed Alberto Rivera, the genuinely demitted Jesuit, who earlier revealed many of the Jesuits’ inner secrets. Karen Hudes is now a target as is anyone who openly exposes their chicanery. Please pray for her.

The adage of the Jesuits, which is to “never forsake or relent,” was affirmed by the assassination of Abraham Lincoln when he would not work toward or declare the United States of America a Roman Catholic concordant. Lincoln also refused to relent to the Illuminati, especially their precursor to the World Bank that intended to issue the US currency. Lincoln blamed the Jesuits for the US Civil War when he blatantly stated that “This war would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.”2

As we learn to recognize their footprint of subterfuge and reprisal, many more examples of the Jesuits’ underhanded schemes begin to surface. They wrote the controversial “Counsels of the Elders of Zion” that falsely incriminated Jews and incited the anger and distrust toward them that paved the way to the Holocaust. Both World Wars I and II were staged to punish the Russian Orthodox Church and the Jews for their stand against the Pope’s supremacy. Our Civil War was orchestrated by southern Jesuits Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Free Mason, and Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States. The French revolution was another scheme of the Jesuits that was planned to punish the French king and his people for resisting the Pope’s power. Likewise, the overthrow of the Russian Czar, along with the financing of Hitler’s war machine, were designed to punish those who had committed an offense against the RCC and/or resisted its authority. The Holocaust against the Jews is eclipsed by the estimated 11–17 million Christians killed in both World Wars. It is interesting to note that almost 3 million Polish Catholics were killed, showing that they are willing to sustain losses of their own as long as they ultimately damage or destroy their enemies.

Who is responsible for the Holocaust of the Jews? The same ones responsible for the Civil War, the French Revolution, WWI, WWII, the assassination of Lincoln (and Kennedy), the building of Communism and Nazism to fight against each other and kill Jews and Christians during the process, as well as the Vietnam War. One covert group was behind all of these atrocities of modern history—the Jesuits.



1.      The Alberto Series Comic Pack is available at, accessed May 1, 2014.
2.      “Abraham Lincoln Quote on the Civil War,” blog article at, accessed May 1, 2014.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Note: Research on the tetrad eclipses has become more widely known through the works of Mark Biltz; and I believe the information within this article can contribute to his.

Deciphering the meanings of eclipses requires the application of a secret known only to a few “Magi”—those who actually look at the heavens and do not rely mainly (or solely) on computer simulations and planet charts. The secret is to observe what is going on in the rest of the heavens while Earth’s shadow dims the Moon’s reflective light. During that time, which can last a couple of hours, the observer can read other parts of the heavens; and this is a significant key to interpreting a lunar eclipse. The actual location of the Moon is important, but the full message of the eclipse can only be understood by observing the movements and locations of other celestial bodies.

This is especially interesting now since there are a series of four lunar eclipses lined up on the recurring Feast Days of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015 (not to mention two solar eclipses in 2015). These are total lunar eclipses providentially occurring on these Jewish holy days; and according to Colossians 2:16 and 17, the holy days are shadows of things to come. In other words, the feast days are already prophetic indicators and these eclipses are marking them and drawing our attention to them.

A major part of the message of the tetrad eclipses can be gleaned from retrogrades of Mars and Venus that will occur during the first and last eclipses. Both retrogrades will occur in highly significant locations: Mars’ retrograde will be in Virgo, the first constellation in the scroll of the heavens, during the first eclipse; and Venus’ retrograde will be in Leo, the last constellation in the scroll of the heavens, in the last eclipse. These point out the first and second comings of the Messiah—the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega—as well as the Bright and Morning Star represented through Venus.

Lunar eclipses only happen on full moons—when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun and its path takes it through the Earth’s shadow. Typically, the night of a full moon is the worst night of the month for reading the heavens since its reflective light outshines all the other celestial bodies. This is what makes a lunar eclipse so significant—when the moonlight diminishes, the other lights can be seen and their messages read. So, when each eclipse of the tetrad occurs, the deeper message pronounced in the rest of the heavens will be like a hidden mystery to decode. It will be like God putting His hand over the Moon and asking us, “Okay, what can you see now?”

Anyone can observe a lunar eclipse; but noting the movements and placements of the stars and planets during the eclipse, e.g., retrogrades, requires a deeper understanding that is not generally known by those who rely mainly upon computer simulations and charts. There are astronomers and even Christological astronomers who focus their study on man’s simulations and written records; but to be a Magi, one must read the actual celestial “manuscript” (night sky) and get in touch with its Author. This is how we will gain the necessary understanding to interpret the message that God is sending out through the tetrad eclipses. We must spend time in the celestial cathedral reading the astrologos as we observe the retrogrades of Mars and Venus during the first and last eclipses if we truly want to know what they are announcing.

These two major retrogrades wrap the tetrad eclipses together like the opening and closing chapters of a book. The overall message is not necessarily that the Messiah is coming at any specific time; but it is a huge celestial announcement for those who have eyes to see. Although we do not know what exactly will happen during these times, there is still much to learn from taking note of where these planets are retrograding and the objects they pass. I believe some earthshaking news may be revealed about the coming of Messiah.   

The First Eclipse of the Tetrad (April 15, 2014)

To decipher the message of a lunar eclipse, we must take note of its location. The first tetrad eclipse, which will occur on April 15, 2014 (Passover) around 2 am EDT, will be located in the constellation of Virgo. Mars will be immediately next to it; and as the Moon begins to eclipse, it will pass directly in front of the star Spica, occulting (hiding) it until the eclipse is done. All the while, Mars will be “drawing” a circle around Spica and the Moon in the process of its three-month retrograde.

This simultaneous occurrence of Earth’s shadow hiding the Moon while the Moon hides Spica is very, very rare. The timing of these two events coinciding with Mars’ retrograde is enough to send a chill up your spine—especially when you realize the significance of Spica. Of all the stars on the ecliptic path (the Sun’s path), it is perhaps the one that most clearly announces the coming of Messiah. Spica is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo, the promise of the coming One. Spica is its more modern Latin name; but in Arabic, its name is Al Zemach, and its Hebrew name is Tsemach, both meaning “the righteous branch” or “the offspring of God.” Spica announces the coming of the King or the Offspring of God. This should be enough to make a Magi or even a Christological astronomer stand up and take notice. The Moon will be in total eclipse at exactly the same time it moves in front of the most messianic star of the heavens—all while Mars is encircling them both! We do not even have to be a Magi or a rocket scientist to realize that now is the time to “lift up your eyes because your redemption draws nigh” (Luke 21:28).

So when the moonlight dims during its eclipse, we will be able to clearly see the message in the rest of the heavens. Since Mars will be right next to the Moon during this first tetrad eclipse, it will be hardly visible at first because of the reflective light that is still escaping around the Moon’s edges. However, as the eclipse proceeds to its fullest point and the light decreases, it will become more visible. The Hebrew word for Mars is Madim, meaning “the red one.” As this red planet is observed closely, it will appear to move in a circle around the eclipse as the Moon hides Al Zemach (Spica), the righteous branch.

The ancient Magi read and interpreted retrogrades; and that can be seen in their understanding of the sky’s announcement of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The planet Jupiter was in retrograde in Leo during Jesus’ birth and this, in part, signified to the Magi the birth announcement of the King of the Judeans. The present Mars retrograde will encircle the messenger star hidden behind the lunar eclipse on Passover 2014—Spica, “the righteous branch” or “the offspring of God,” that says Messiah is coming. This eclipse, this occultation, and this retrograde are all happening at the same place and at the same time in the heavens on a major holy day that is a prophetic indicator.

The present retrograde of Mars began on March 6th and will gradually backtrack westerly until mid-May when it will appear to turn around and head back around Spica. I have written two separate articles on the retrogrades of Mars and what they have meant to the nation of Israel, which can be read at and The Christological meaning of Mars is “Messiah the Warrior,” and it appears He and His angels are ready to fight for the kingdom that belongs to Him.  

If someone told you that Mars was drawing a circle in the sky, would you think that was important? Would you think that where it is drawing a circle is significant? The fact that it is drawing its circle around one of the most poignant stars announcing the coming of Messiah and in tandem with the encircling the eclipsing Moon while it (the Moon) occults that same star is huge! This emphatically shows that Messiah will fight for the kingdom of God and His people. Watch out for war; and the enemies of Israel had better beware because history shows that Messiah is on Israel’s side.

I have been on several radio interviews about the celestial Word of God where I discussed the significance of these eclipses, and all of those programs are interested in end-time events being prophesied. Si Robertson would probably say, “Hey Jack, pay attention!” Lunar eclipses and circles being drawn by planets on feast days should be enough to get our attention. The heavens are declaring that Messiah is coming.

The Last Eclipse of the Tetrad (September 27/28, 2015)

As already mentioned, there is another retrograde happening during the last eclipse of the 2014–2015 tetrad.  Do you think it is significant that Venus will be drawing a circle in the sky during the last tetrad eclipse? Venus will be drawing a circle in Leo, the last constellation in the scroll of the heavens. In the first of the eclipses, Mars will draw a circle in Virgo, the first constellation on the scroll of the heavens; and in the last of the eclipses, Venus will draw its retrograde circle in the last of the constellations on the scroll, Leo. These retrogrades in these specific constellations are like the bookends of the tetrad, and they provide additional insight to the message of the Messiah’s coming. They say that Messiah is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. He is the Bright and Morning Star, and His coming is being announced in the heavens.

This last tetrad eclipse will begin on the evening of September 27 at 11 pm EDT and end around 1 am on September 28. Its location will be in the constellation of Pisces, within the horizontal band of the fish. This band is prophetic of the Gentile nations while the vertical fish of the constellation prophetically represents Israel. This location of the Moon proclaims that Messiah is coming for the whole world and not just to rescue the Jews. The Great Mystery was fulfilled in the heavens on the night of Jesus’ birth, as seen by the planet of Uranus (not visible to the naked eye) abiding in the exact spot where the Moon will be eclipsed—marking the salvation of the Gentiles and the promise of Messiah to come for them too. This is saying to all who have eyes to see—the King of kings is coming for His inheritance.

Venus begins its retrograde in Leo prior to the last of the tetrad eclipses and will be completing its loop in the sky at the time of the last eclipse. The planet will appear to encircle Leo’s front legs, which is the general location of Regulus, the star involved in announcing Messiah’s first coming. Regulus is the brightest star in Leo and means “the King ruling over the enemy.” This retrograde will also be positioned directly over the head of Hydra, which represents Satan as the sea serpent.

As the light of the Moon begins to dim while passing through Earth’s shadow, Venus, the Bright and Morning Star, will finish out its retrograde in Leo. This is the echo of the first eclipse’s message, “you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why”—Messiah is coming to our planet very soon.


Discover the deepest prophetic meaning of a total lunar eclipse by reading the heavens while the moonlight is dimmest. During the upcoming tetrad of 2014–2015, the heavens will brilliantly announce the Messiah’s coming through the retrogrades of the first and last eclipses, wrapping the tetrad into a neat prophetic package that contains a message out of the only accurate calendar we have. The heavens are declaring the coming of the King.

The Bible emphatically states that the day of Lord is a dark day of dread and of wrath and tribulation and anguish (Joel 2). Some may say that the eclipses will herald foreboding announcements of judgment and retribution, and it’s true that these things are scripturally promised to precede Messiah’s coming. Yet, in their truest sense, these eclipses and retrogrades that announce His coming herald much more than impending calamity.

Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20 tell us that the Sun turning to darkness (a solar eclipse) and the Moon to blood (a lunar eclipse) precedes the day of the Lord. It is not likely that the day of the Lord will occur during the tetrad of 2014–2015, but it will occur sometime in the not-too-distant future afterward. There are many other signs in the heavens that have been announcing, and will continue to announce, the same revelation to all who will look up and take the time to see what they are saying. Messiah is coming!

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

© 2014 Liberating Ministries for Christ International, Inc

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Much attention is given to the written Word of God and also to the Incarnate Word, the Word in the flesh; yet who is contending for the Astrologos, the revelation of Messiah in the heavens? Psalm 19:1 claims that the heavens declare the glory of God; and since the glory of God is manifested in Messiah, we must come to grips that the devil has stolen and perverted the truth that Jesus Christ is revealed through the heavens in his effort to hide the Redeemer from mankind. Who thinks of Messiah when they look up at the stars, and how many know how to read the (true) astrologos? 

I began my research into biblical astronomy over 40 years ago, but its significance only recently hit me as I realized the consequences of Satan’s treachery that he stole God’s glory out of the heavens. It is almost like England seizing and holding the crown jewels of India. Satan is holding what rightfully belongs to Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah of God—the crux, or central theme, of the entire celestial cathedral. Satan, represented by the constellation of Draco (the dragon of retribution) centered in the highest spot in the north sky, has commandeered the understanding of the Messianic message and turned it into a mockery of astro-diviners, conjurers, and fortune tellers. All the while, the real truth being cloaked is the Astrologos—the promised Messiah of God, who is being beamed nightly to every spirit in the world. Sadly, it is not understood because Satan has blinded the hearts of those that believe. And while non-Christians don’t understand it, neither do the majority of Christians—nor do they even think about the Astrologos. Even if their thoughts should accidentally drift up to the stars to consider that there is a message in them, most Christians would view the “reading” of the constellations as an occult practice that belongs strictly to the devil and astrologers (astro-diviners).

In contending for the Astrologos, I am prepared to go the distance and into the parking lot too. This is personal to me because of my relationship with The Astrologos. In a deep prayer session in the celestial cathedral after returning from India, the Lord asked me if I was willing to negotiate with Satan over the astrologos. “Absolutely not,” I replied.  Then he said, “You have been already negotiating with him because he has the word astrology and you are afraid to take it back.” He finished with, “A religious spirit that has warped your thinking has had you duped.”

I know what this means: in order to get to the astrologos, I am going to have to go through the word “astrology” as well. The roots for both of these words are the same. Astro means “stars;” while logos is a Greek word meaning “word” and the root stem from which the suffix “ology” comes, meaning “the study of.” Contending for the astrologos (the word of the stars) necessitates redeeming from the devil’s clutches the term astrology (the study of the stars) as well.

So, is it wrong to study the stars? Of course not; and there is nothing evil about the word astrology, which is clearly defined as “the study of the stars.” The problem has come from Satan’s perversion of this word that has resulted in those who are actually mediums, spirit channelers, and conjurers being defined as “astrologers.” Why would he pervert the word this way? Because he is endeavoring to hide the prized jewel that the true study of the stars would reveal—the astrologos: the Word of the stars.

The main Hebrew word that is translated “astrologer” in the Bible is ‘ashshaph, and it is more properly translated as “conjurer.” Conjurers make up information about the future as they go, and endeavor to obtain it from spirit sources. They can’t get true information concerning the future from demons, because they do not have it. What the conjurers can do is send the demons out to do their bidding through black magic; and that gives them the illusion of knowing the future, when in reality they are witches conjuring demons to do assignments. These are not astrologers—these are astro-diviners. The payment that the demon gets from duping the person is a free ride in their body and the astro-diviner gets his pocket lined with the money coming from fleecing the victim. It is a win/win outcome for the demon and the astro-diviner, but a lose/lose outcome for the victim of the deception—and then to top it off they call themselves astrologers. They are not astro-ologers, they are astro-diviners.

(Incidentally, stealing words and claiming them for himself is not a new trick for Satan.  He also did it with the word “seer.” [See 1 Samuel 9:9.])

Thus, I use the word “astro-diviners” to accurately describe these occult activities instead of continuing to negotiate with the devil over the word astrologos and the word astrology. He can have his word “astro-diviners,” but I am taking back what belongs to my Master. As far as I am concerned, the proper terminology of those who have previously been called astrologers is now officially changed to astro-diviners; and, in addition, I now officially re-claim the word “astrology” in the name of Jesus Christ. Even if no one else recognizes this, I know what the Lord spoke to me when He asked, “Do you know how long it has been since anyone contended for my glory out of the heavens?” I may not know how long it has been, but I do know that I will contend for His glory out of the heavens; and I know that there are others who are eager to join in.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and I will not negotiate over the astrologos or its related word astrology. I am taking back what the devil has stolen from God’s family. Will you join me in contending for the Astrologos—Jesus the Messiah? He has been revealed as the Bright and Morning Star, the center of celestial revelation, the Promised One; and He is brilliantly displayed night after night over every village in the world. Satan has stolen the knowledge of God’s glory in the heavens—or, at the very least, hidden it from us to understand and share.

Jesus of Nazareth is Messiah, the Promised One, prophesied throughout all the Scriptures from beginning to end—not just in the Holy Bible but even within the ancient Vedas of India. He has come, and to this hour He is declared in the heavens day unto day and night unto night. The celestial lights tell of his first coming and the promise of Him returning as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Blessings on all who believe on Him through His first coming and who now await His return. He is the Astrologos!

Look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.                                                                                                Luke 21:28b  

Thursday, March 27, 2014


And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”                                                                                                Matthew 4:19

While on my recent trip to India (February/March 2014), the Lord showed me perhaps the largest available catch of men (people) in the history of the world. He also taught me the best net to use, as well as how to cast it, so that I could conceivably pull in millions of Hindus into His kingdom. The following is a brief synopsis of what I saw while in India, including His amazing method of fishing.

My personal goal on this mission trip was to sow Christological Astronomy and the knowledge of God’s celestial word into the nation of India; and I believe it was well accomplished. In my preparation for teaching Christological Astronomy in India, I studied Hindu astrology to come up with a game plan going in; however, I was unprepared for what I found. The research was sufficient for “blowing holes” in Hindu astrology, as I had in both North and South America; but I discovered that astrology, or “astro-divining” is a much bigger deal in Hinduism and throughout all India than in either of the Americas. In fact, it is so huge there that it has given the Indian church an even worse attitude about the celestial message than either North or South American churches. 

When I discovered that Hindu kids are taught the heavens and already know the constellations at an early age, I was blown out of the water. Because they were already primed for this information, I was able to easily show them Messiah in the heavens. When I explained His birth to them, they got it and readily accepted it.

I saw this same readiness and acceptance in Indian adults when I witnessed God’s celestial message on the streets to both a Hindu and a Muslim in the same afternoon and hooked the two of them on Messiah! I also found prophecies in the ancient Vedas that told of Messiah’s coming and gave accounts of the wise men (magi) from India who went to find Him. However, it was disappointing to observe that the Indians who had been raised Christian had absolutely no knowledge of, or respect for, these celestial messages. Those who were raised as Hindus knew a great deal about them and respected their authority; thus, they were far more receptive to the truths of Messiah being written in the heavens than their Christian-raised counterparts.

Please understand that even as a new “magi,” the knowledge and secrets I am carrying far predate what any astro-diviner has ever considered. This is because they were hidden in the Bible for true followers of Messiah to find. One of the greatest weapons God has armed me with is the ability to debunk astrology; and I find myself holding the keys to potentially the most abundant harvest of men and women for the kingdom of God in the history of the world. Since I do like to fish and have experienced the giddiness of finding the “honey hole” loaded with trophies, I am currently prepping to haul in a net overflowing with an abundance of people for God’s kingdom. My boasting is in the Lord because He was the One who gave me the zeal and courage to defy the church and most everyone else to recapture His truth written in the heavens. He has now brought me stand upon the threshold of bringing in a huge catch for His kingdom, where I will catch Hindus by the thousands, if not millions! Think I am excited?

As exciting as this is, the obstacle of the uninformed/misinformed religious attitude of the church still stands in my way. This attitude is not only present in the American church; it is even more prevalent in the Indian church. Here is my dilemma: I have been given the ability to harvest multitudes of Indian Hindus; but to do so means offending the church. After thinking this through and seeking God for help, my anxiety melted away when I realized that the catch that awaits the kingdom of God is made up of those trapped in the deception of Hinduism. 

I am fishing in these waters. I have the right to do so according to the Scriptures and will not be forbidden, even in the face of a fierce battle with religious attitudes and spirits.

How to Gather the Harvest

I have envisioned pulling a huge trawl, or fishing net, in an enormous circle and seeing thousands of people teeming into the kingdom of God. I have already been working on the net and am swiftly approaching the launching time. About a year ago, the Lord said to me, “I am going to change you from a hook-and-line fisherman into a commercial fisherman.” I got excited about the increased numbers of fish I could catch with a net; and then it dawned on me that the word “commercial” also includes a profit. Both aspects excite me, because I desire to plunder Hell and populate Heaven. The Lord also told me that what I was building at that time was the net or trawl that would gather the people in.  I knew He was speaking of the computer programs a number of us have been working on for several years. Because of God’s providence and leading of the Holy Spirit, we have constructed computer programs that explain Christological Astronomy in order to lead people into understanding who Messiah is, as well as giving them the potential for accepting Him as Redeemer and King. We are marketing it as the MAZ, or my MyAccurateZodiac. MAZ arguably has the most accurate planetary locations available. It has already caused NASA to rethink certain aspects of their astronomy programs, which has the potential of global impact upon other astronomy programs. MAZ could bring some much-needed clout into India where technology is thriving and knowledge is king. I am praying for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to help.

In my recent trip to India, my goal for teaching the live classes was 2 Timothy 2:2—to teach faithful men to teach others. I verbalized that I hoped to get at least 20 faithful English-speaking believers that I could train to teach others. That goal was far exceeded because I didn’t get 20—I got 200!  These are young Indian students who are zealous to recapture the glory of God out of the heavens that Satan has stolen. We have developed the Christological Astronomy Online Institute to train these 200 budding magi and teachers the celestial word of God, who will then be able to train others in their own languages. This is the Lord’s provision of laborers for the harvest.

A dilemma that will swiftly come upon us is the discipleship of those who will be added to the kingdom of God. The teachers who will be trained through the online institute will be a big part of this answer, as well as the Indian apostles throughout the nation that I am in contact with. They are all informed of what I am doing and have expressed a desire to help.    

This is truly great news for fishers of men. Imagine what it will be like to bring the knowledge of Messiah to so many who have been deceived by idols and abusive astro-diviners. With India’s population of almost a billion Hindus, this could be the greatest fishery for men and harvest for the kingdom of God in the history of the world. 

Please pray and intercede for the harvest, as well as for me and all the other laborers. I will keep posting updates as they come.