Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Christological and Celestial Significance of the Winter Solstice of 2012

I recently discovered a truth in Psalm 19 that may very well be a clue to the much touted enigma of the winter solstice of 2012. Being a stellar enthusiast and a student of both celestial and written word of God, I have been searching for a godly response to the media's barrage of Mayan prophecies and secular predictions.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It Takes Faith to be a Believer

In a recent conversation, I made a profound statement, at least to me who has a MO (Master of the Obvious)—here it is: it takes faith to be a believer. Although this seems simple enough on the surface, there are underlying truths that bear mentioning; specifically, that the cause of faith erosion is “reason,” and it doesn’t have to be that way.  It does take faith to be a believer but pure reason will lead to faith.

Human reason replaces faith in the religion of mysticism and metaphysics because it refuses to accept the evidence of faith and the results that come out of the spirit realm.  I want to point out, and will throughout this article, that having faith gives people greater power than just those who have reason.

Faith is a concept of bring intangible things into tangible reality.  Pure reason should result in faith because certain things cannot be explained—by any reason. The fact remains: those who have and operate faith are more powerful because undeniable results have come from their operation of this unseen force.   The fact remains that those who have and operate faith are more powerful because undeniable results have come from faith, which brings things out of an unseen dimension.  You do not have to be a Bible believer to accept this: although Hebrews 11does gives a list of these evidences.  William Wallace, Braveheart, demonstrates this too.  Braveheart was brave enough to have heart—he had faith in himself and in a cause.  We do not even need to bring his belief in God into this at this point, we are just showing that he had faith and that faith is greater than reason. 

Although this seems academic, the result at the end of the battle between reason and faith could stand as an explanation that will save our next generation.  Liberal  “reason pushers at our colleges and universities are being paid to push faith (and God) out of the acceptance of normal.  Faith is under seige by reason and what is being called realism.  Faith is a spiritual power that when possessed,  causes someone to be able to bring power from one realm to this existing one.  Reason-realmers ”  cringe when someone brings up the supernatural.  It is interesting that we accept that American youth are being dumbed down, and yet at the bottom of the dumb-down barrel is that reason has an explanation for everything. Baloney!

When true reason is faced with a manifestation of faith, belief in the supernatural must be attained because evidences come into concretion into a five-senses realm that cannot be explained.  So actually reason is not antithetical to faith, it is faith’s underpinning and foundation. If I may be so bold, the lack of supernatural power in our churches have set us for the assault that is coming upon our youth.  We have “reason-based” children because we have not taught them faith and the supernatural.  This might make you mad, but if you raised a child without a belief in faith, you raised a victim, faithless—powerless,  in response to a very, very, spiritually, mean world.

The reason that reason is inferior to faith is easily seen by the realm they are from.  Reason comes out  of the human soul and faith comes from the superior realm—the spirit.  The rationale of the human soul  was the dedication of Manely P. Hall in his acclaimed book on the Secret Teachings of All Ages.  He dedicated his work to the reason of the human soul.  His conclusions are based in metaphysical reason and not in spiritual faith.  He missed the greatest teaching of the ages—FAITH.   Reason comes from and out of the soul.  Yes, it is powerful and yet, it is weak  because reason demands a physical answer to every action.  Okay, this looks intellectual, but they forget the phenomenal—the spiritual that cannot be explained by reason.   Because faith can bring an intangible to tangible existence—that reason CANNOT explain, reason is inferior to faith.  Even though reason challenges the existence of substance coming out of what cannot be seen, the evidences still remain.  Hebrews 12: 2 summarizes this better than anything I have ever read.  Suffice it to say that faith is more powerful than reason, or for that fact intellect.

Faith does not come out of the soul;  it comes out of the spirit.  Again we see the need to teach our youth well.  There are three realms of life: spirit and soul and body. The Bible speaks of these and life evidences the same.  Hebrews 4:12 actually says that the spirit and the soul can be separated and are not the same.  Faith comes out of the spirit where there is power above the soul, which includes reason.  Faith, properly operated, makes a person extremely powerful.  When it comes to what you have faith IN will determine how much power you actually have.

Many good books have been written on the subject of evidences that cannot  be explained without a spirit realm.  Reasonalists say that knowledge is power.  May I amend that by saying, if you have knowledge of the spirit realm and how to operate faith, you become more powerful than just knowledge can make you.  Mystics deal in the metaphysical power of alchemy and transferring one substance into another.  They call it metaphysical but in reality it doesn’t work or they would all be named “Midas” and have a muffler shop.  What real power constitutes is to bring something new into existence from nothing that existed before.

Once I ministered healing to a lady and commanded two new kidneys to grow in her body.  It is quite a story especially this was my Mom’s best friend and the secretary at our local Methodist church. Cool huh?  I did this and spoke what the spirit told me to speak. I did it by faith—certainly not by reason.

 There are cerebral Christians that would not belief this.  I know, because this lady and my mother were. So was their whole denomination—of which I belonged.  God bless John Wesley’s legacy. (May he rest in peace).  This lady, Doris was her name,  grew two new kidneys.  The evidence that proved that faith generated the power was the undeniable testimony of this miracle.  The lady had two new kidneys. 

Interesting, Doris had just recently had one of her kidneys removed at Duke University.  When she did not need dialysis, they ex-rayed her “supposedly” only left bad kidney because and saw in the corner of the x-ray another new kidney.  You should have seen the look on the medical professionals faces when she presented an affidavit for them to sign saying the GOD grew her a new kidney or she was going to sue them for malpractice.  She pulled up her shirt and showed them the scar and the dialysis reports. (To finish the story, being that she was my mother’s best friend, secretary to the pastor of our local Methodist church and had the biggest mouth in town, and the church.  She blasted this news all over our town, our church, the church district, and even the state Methodist conference. It is a great story, but the point is this: this evidence of faith stupiefied both the medical and religious systems because faith had delivered them evidence that could not be substantiated  by reason or evidence.

Coincidentally, this happened at the the same time that Oral Roberts had rejoined the Methodist church with the idea to bring the supernatural  back to the Methodists. He has just preached on this the week before to the whole Methodist leadership in North Carolina of the power that is in faith.  This miracle also brought some reason-based linear thinkers into a greater dimension in the persons of the doctors and nurses that grew to believe in faith.  Yes, you have to have faith to be a believer and nothing helps anymore than seeing something take place that you cannot explain. It defies reason and estasblishes the spirit realm.

Cpncerning faith, it is one thing to “take” things by faith,  but an entirely another matter to “make” things happen by faith.  This is the power that reason cannot explain because it is from the spirit deminision.  This  becomes especially sensational when I make the next statement: When you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, you become dimensionally possible.  (Another subject for a different day.)

Yes, you have to have faith to be a believer, but faith is not antithetical to reason. Reason, among other things, tries to explain things in the realm of the soul.  Yet, faith, being of the spirit realm, is far powerful and defies physical explanation.  So, yes, faith will build more faith and pure reason will generate faith when evidences occur that reason cannot explain.

I believe that eventually everyone will have to accept that there is a spirit realm; it may take dying to finally prove it to some, but regardless, there exists instances and examples that stare-down mystics and even cerebral Christians that defy their “reasonable explanations.”  Reason actually becomes faith’s friend when the reason becomes that the result came out of the spirit realm.

Don’t be dimensionally diminished; have faith. It takes faith to be a believer.