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Magi Alert!!! The Alpha and Omega of September 23rd, 2017 Retrogrades of Mercury and Jupiter

Millions of eyes were focused on the skies of August 21st during the Great American Eclipse; and now as we look toward the September 23rd phenomenon, another secret treasure is unfolding. Mercury, Kova Chammah—the Sun’s messenger—has been retrograding since July 25, and will continue doing so until September 9, 2017, around the omega star Regulus. In addition, Jupiter, Tsedeq—the king planet—has also been retrograding around the alpha star Spica in Virgo, the virgin. These retrogrades, which bookend the September 23rd event that is taking place at the beginning and ending of the Mazzaroth (between Virgo and Leo), are heralding the coming of Alpha and Omega!

As if this were not enough, during the solar eclipse, Mercury’s retrograde was drawing a circle around the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Regulus—all while the world was watching the eclipse. The signs in the background of the Sun contained a great mystery; and the daytime curtain was pulled back for all to see it. The truth was no longer hiding but was brought out in plain sight as the Sun was blacked out by the Moon’s shadow; so anyone in the path of totality was able to see this wonder. An amazing four-celestial-sphere linear conjunction was in plain sight during the Great American Eclipse 2017. What does all this mean?

When the probabilities of all these signs and wonders in the skies are considered, they should dazzle any mathematician and statistician. My recent YouTube post on the event of September 23rd, at, shows the almost inconceivable probability of the celestial lineup of this date—19.25 quadrillion to 1. And now there is data that confirms the importance of the event with additional celestial understanding of its meaning.  

This exciting news should thrill anyone who believes in the intricacies of the celestial, eternal God-clock and His ever-watchful care over His Word. Remember the key to unlocking the mysteries of the heavens is the same one for unlocking the Bible: It is all about the Messiah. Many of us already know His name; but we need to pray that millions more come to know Him through the messages being practically shouted from the heavens during this time. Please share this news and check out the link at

Alpha and Omega

Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, or aleph and tav in Hebrew. They mean “beginning” and “end,” respectively, and form a type of an encoded name for Messiah, found in Revelation 1:8. There is a definite beginning and ending marker in the zodiac, specifically between Virgo and Leo. This recent discovery in the celestial scriptures concerning these two retrograde bookends frames the huge significant sign in the heavens that will occur on September 23rd. The one bookend retrograde occurs in Virgo (the beginning of the zodiac) and the other is happening in Leo (the ending constellation of the zodiac). I have been teaching my fellow magi the importance of retrogrades as a means of interpreting the celestial messages for some time now. With these two currently going on above us at such a pivotal time, we will see this applied in a very real way. I cannot overemphasize the depth of this truth—it is layers and layers deeper than most stargazers could conceptualize; and I am not saying this to be condescending, but to express the depth and importance of it.  

It will be necessary to cover a brief lesson in Christological astronomy in order to grasp the significance of this alpha and omega truth. The Mazzaroth (the Hebrew name for the zodiac) begins in the constellation of Virgo. Virgo represents the virgin (Mary) who gave birth to the Messiah. It then ends in the constellation of Leo, which represents the lion of the tribe of Judah—the King of kings. They are the beginning (Alpha) and end (Omega) of the circle of ecliptic constellations that tell the story of Messiah.

·         He was born of a virgin (Virgo)
·         He was a sacrifice for sin (Libra)
·         He was wounded (Scorpio)
·         He overcame death and Satan (Sagittarius)
·         He was raised from the dead (Capricorn)
·         He gave the Holy Spirit to His followers (Aquarius)
·         Which empowered them to rule over Satan (Pisces)
·         And to reign in life (Aries)
·         He is coming as the bull (Taurus)
·         For His bride (Gemini)
·         To reign with Him (Cancer)
·         As the Lion—King of kings (Leo)

There is even now a celestial light show taking place in Virgo around the star Spica, or Al Zemach—the righteous offspring, and in Leo around its primary star Regulus, known as the King star and the omega star of the Mazzaroth. Not only are the retrogrades occurring in the alpha and omega constellations (the beginning and ending constellations of the Mazzaroth), but they are specifically around Spica, the alpha star of the heavens, and Regulus, the King Star of Leo, which we are designating as the omega star of the Mazzaroth. These simultaneous retrogrades are messages at the beginning and the end of the Mazzaroth and signify that the First and the Last—Jesus—is coming to Earth.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. ~Revelation 1:8

Celestially, the Lord is the Alpha and the Omega, the Virgo and the Leo, and the Righteous Branch and the Coming King. These two retrogrades are signaling the coming of the Alpha and the Omega.  

Simultaneous Conjunctions

Furthermore, when two celestial bodies align with the celestial north within a certain degree boundary, another astronomical event occurs called a conjunction.1 On September 9th, Mercury, the messenger, will be in conjunction with the omega star Regulus and Jupiter will be in conjunction with the alpha star Spica. Both of these planets will be directly aligned on that day with the major stars of the two constellations. Then, within two weeks, as these two planets continue in their movement, they will both be in exact positions to fulfill the celestial picture from Revelation 12:1 and 2. It is beginning to look like the woman (Virgo) is the bride of Christ, and the King (Leo) is the Bridegroom—the Coming King. Could it be that He is coming to take His bride away in preparation for His 1,000-year reign upon the Earth?

Has anyone considered that Jesus may have been referring to Jupiter coming out of the womb of Virgo as the fulfillment of Matthew 24:8 when He said that the beginning of tribulation begins with birth pangs?

All these are the beginning of birth pains. ~Matthew 24:8 (NIV)

It appears this September 23rd date may be a good candidate for the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Mercury, the prophetic herald, and Jupiter, the King, are saying this. This might be the post-figure and celestial re-presentation of John the Baptist announcing the coming of Jesus of Nazareth, proclaiming, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Let’s not overlook the truth that John the Baptist and Jesus both commanded the people to repent to prepare for it.

Retrograde of Mercury

Who pointed out the fact that during the magnificent solar eclipse of August 21
st, Mercury, the Sun’s messenger, was retrograding directly around the eclipse? I admit that I did not see that while my wife and I were privileged enough to witness its totality in Casper, Wyoming. During totality, when we removed our solar shields, I looked for Regulus, but the alignment was only 1 degree away and the corona of the Sun obscured it. But, regardless it was there, even though I could not observe it at the time with my naked eyes. Regulus was in direct alignment with the Sun, Moon, and Earth in the heart of Leo the Lion of the tribe of Judah. In other words, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the star Regulus were in conjunction. Four celestial spheres in alignment and conjunction is quite rare indeed. Yet, as an additional surprise, Mercury was drawing a circle around it—showing its extreme significance.

A retrograde is what led the wise men (the magi) to Jesus in Nazareth (not Bethlehem) when He was a young child (not a newborn baby). Retrogrades are optical illusions that occur when one celestial object overtakes another moving celestial object. When observing the background behind the other object, it (the second object) appears to go backwards and then forward.

In this sense, it appears that a planet stops for a brief time and then goes briefly backwards, and then stops again and reverses back into its prograde movement. This makes it seem to draw a circle or ellipse in that portion of the sky. When any planet begins its retrograde motion, it appears to stand still.

When they (the magi) had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.                                                                   Matthew 2:9
Years ago when I was teaching my youngest daughter Elisabeth about astronomy, I asked her, “Do you think it would be important if the planet Mars drew a circle in the sky?” “Oh, my goodness yes!” she exclaimed. Then, with amazing perception, she asked, “What is it drawing the circle around?” Great question, Elisabeth! In the instance of this particular retrograde, Mercury has been drawing a circle around the primary star Regulus since July 25th—almost a month before the Great American Eclipse. As it was drawing its circle around Regulus, it also came into conjunction with it three times, as if it was repeating it for emphasis. As the Sun’s messenger, it heralds and announces in much the same way John the Baptist did for Jesus of Nazareth. This is what Mercury is doing for Jupiter in the retrogrades culminating on September 9th when both of them re-enter prograde motion and come into conjunction with the primary star in the respective constellations.

The conjunctions are restating the message of Regulus during the retrograde. The number three means complete; and Regulus has several meanings from ancient languages, including “regal” or “kingly” (Latin) and “to trample under foot” (Hebrew).

The solar eclipse at Regulus and the retrograde around it is pointing to the Alpha constellation of Virgo where Jupiter is moving out of Virgo’s womb. Regulus is playing the role of John the Baptist who announced “prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.” The meaning of Regulus is important—and it is announcing “prepare the way for the coming of the King.”

Certainly, Regulus means king, no doubt. It is the king star in the king constellation; and Jupiter, the king planet, retrograded with it three times in the year of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Yet, Regel (its Hebrew name) means “to trample under foot,” which is displayed in the constellations where Leo has its paws over the top of Hydra, the great sea serpent.

The triple conjunction of Mercury around Regulus says the same thing three times: “The King is coming; the King is coming, the King is coming, and He is coming to throw down Satan; He is coming to trample him under foot; and He is coming to rend him to pieces.” These messages are in agreement with Jupiter’s message: “The King arriving,” as announced in Virgo. Remember, these retrogrades are taking place in the Mazzaroth’s Alpha and Omega constellations and stars.

The following table will give you the positions of Mercury and its retrogrades and conjunctions for an approximate two-month period. This is the herald that announces the coming of the King (Revelation 12:1 and 2) and the casting down of Satan (Revelation 12:3 and 4.)

Mercury Retrograde and Conjunctions
July 25–September 23, 2017

Date of Conjunction
and/or Retrograde
Mercury, the Messenger 
Message Announced
July 25, 2017
1st conjunction with Regulus
The King is coming to cast down Satan.
August 14, 2017
Retrograde begins
Pay attention:
the King is coming!
September 4, 2017
2nd Regulus conjunction
The King is coming
to cast down Satan.
September 9, 2017
3rd conjunction with Regulus
The bright and morning star/ the King/and the Judge
is coming.
September 16, 2017
Conjunction with Mars
The warrior is coming
to cast down Satan.
September 23, 2017
In position for the great sign of Revelation 12:1ff
The King is coming.
The bride is ready.

Dancing with Regulus

In addition to all the great signs of September 23, 2017 and Revelation 12:1–4ff, we have seen what the Mercury retrograde means, but the light show is not over. If the attention was not drawn to Jupiter and Spica, we might easily confuse the most important event with what is happening in and around Regulus. In less than two months, Regulus is involved with six major celestial arrangements—one of which was the August 21st solar eclipse.

Remember that Regulus is the Messiah’s Omega star, announcing His coming; and these celestial phenomena mark that prophetic fulfillment. Regulus is also mentioned in Genesis 49:10 as the “lawgiver between the feet of Leo, the lion of the tribe of Judah.”2 In Yeshua of Nazareth’s first coming, Jupiter circled Regulus, showing that He was bringing the new law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Mercury’s encircling of Regulus in our current time is pivotal because it is showing that a new law is coming and that there will be a new sheriff in town soon. This is what Mercury and Regulus are saying too. This new sheriff will not tolerate the rebellion of Satan, the dragon, nor any of his cohorts. He will shortly bind Satan for a thousand years. He is not coming with a shepherd’s crook but with a rod of iron, a sword and a serious attitude. (When one enters the battle with an attitude and his vesture dipped in blood, he is obviously not there to negotiate.) The archangel Michael will enforce the rule (Revelation 12:5ff), and Satan will be cast down—according to the new lawgiver’s (symbolized by Regulus) new laws for His millennial reign. Rebellion will not be tolerated. The King is coming to rule with a rod of iron. Repenting ahead of time is the key to receiving Him with joy and not trepidation. 

Regulus Conjunctions and the Eclipse
July 25–September 23, 2017


Regulus in Conjunction with
July 25, 2017
Mercury, the messenger:
the 1st herald
The King is coming.
Satan is cast down.
August 21, 2017
Sun, Moon, Earth, eclipse
Judgment on Satan’s kingdom:
Babylon USA
September 4, 2017
Mercury, the messenger:
the 2nd herald
The king is coming.
Satan is cast down.
September 5, 2017
Mars, the warrior
The warrior is coming to cast Satan down.
September 9, 2017
Mercury, the messenger:
the 3rd herald
The king is coming.
Satan is cast down.
September 19, 2017
Venus, the bright and morning star
The bright and
morning star is coming.
September 23, 2017
In array with 3 planets, connecting Alpha and Omega
The King is coming
to take His bride.

This many conjunctions of Regulus within a two-month time period is highly unusual and rarely duplicated. In light of Jupiter’s retrograde in Virgo, it is unprecedented. The bookend retrogrades of Jupiter around Spica in Virgo and Mercury around Regulus in Leo are breathtaking, but Regulus’ participation in its eclipse alignment with the Sun, Moon, and Earth is beyond the realm of possible recurrence.  


The retrogrades of Jupiter and Mercury simultaneously being in conjunction with the Alpha and Omega stars of Spica and Regulus make up the bookends of the great sign of Revelation 12:1–4. The addition of the triple retrogrades of Mercury underwrites the coming judgment foretold in Revelation 12:3 and 4 and the casting down of Satan chronicled in the remainder of Revelation 12–14.

The aligning of the three planets with the crown of nine stars in Leo could symbolically picture a headdress for the bride of Christ as they dutifully march in processional order for the start of the ceremony. Regulus the King, being coronated by Mercury the herald, along with Spica the righteous branch, being honored by the Jupiter the king, make a perfect wedding picture for Virgo and Leo.

Men and Brethren, What Shall We Do (Acts 2:37b)?

This appeal from those who were pricked in their hearts for crucifying the Son of glory seems appropriate for all of us now have the fear of God in us and want to do what is right. In the depth of my heart, I believe the simple command, “Repent,” summarizes what we can do to change any potential outcome. If Yeshua ben Yahweh is coming for His bride, nothing can prevent that, but the outcome for us as individuals can be changed if our lamp is trimmed.

It is feasible that the bride of Christ could be gathered to the Bridegroom on, or about, the day of September 23rd, or shortly afterwards throughout the fall feasts. Meanwhile, the foolish virgins of Matthew 25:1–13 will watch them leave with embarrassment because they were asleep at the switch and were not watching to be ready. Scripturally, the bride of Christ will come out of the body of Christ just like the bride of Adam came out of the body of Adam. It appears that if the bride is taken, then the rest of the body of Christ will be left here during the Great Tribulation. Revelation 12:17–14:20 indicates that the dragon will persecute the remnant of the woman’s seed and those who keep the commandments of Jesus Christ. I believe this pretty much says that there will be some believers who will go through the Great Tribulation—or at least be here after September 23rd. I know a lot of people who confess Jesus as their Lord but need a good scrubbing in their conscience, their soul, and their character; and they will surely get a chance to do so during that time. And they will also have the opportunity during that time to make the choice of either living their faith or taking the mark of the beast and suffering the eternal consequences.

Eternal consequences is a serious issue and we should take these things to heart. The statistical probabilities of the occurrence of these events are almost incomprehensible, and yet they are upon us now with absolute documentation. The ball is already in motion, and there is no possibility of reverse engineering. How fitting that no one could see them until computerized astronomy revealed them to us. We must be living in the end times when knowledge increases (Daniel 12:4). We have been warned.  

These are truly great signs in the heavens accompanying the great sign of Revelation 12:1–4 on September 23rd, 2017.

Coupling these celestial events with biblical prophecies and historical occurrence involving the nation of Israel, the odds are highly favored that the Great Tribulation, or Jacob’s Trouble, may begin this fall. Other celestial phenomenon may be visible in the heavens during this time too. It is a great time to be alive if we are armed with the Truth. We are children of the day and are not to be asleep.

Look up! Your redemption draws nigh. Even so. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


1.       Conjunctions are defined as celestial objects aligning toward the celestial north. Currently, astronomers set degree limitations of how close they need to be for it to be considered a conjunction. However, to the ancient magi who measured with their eyes and not a telescope, a conjunction was considered a celestial alignment of at least two spheres that were contained within the same constellation, aligned toward the celestial north.

2.      “Lawgiver,” chaqaq (Hebrew), is used 18 times in the Scriptures.


  1. Mr. Sides, thankyou and bless you for this work!

  2. Great sharing of Holy Spirit led revelaton my brother. Here's what the Holy Spirit showed me:

    Hebrew name for Jupiter=Sedeq or "righteousness"
    We are made righteousness in Christ Jesus. In Rev 12 the child that would rule the world with a rod of iron that is caught-up to the thorne room of God is the church. Pentecost is the conception of the church and Rev 12 is the heavenly sign of the birth of the body. 2000+ years of gestation you must have conception before a birth.
    Jesus is the head and we are the body. If you go to Stellarium and bring up the date 9/11 2BC (debated birth date of Jesus) and go to Virgo you will find the Sun in her womb and Jupiter by Leo/Regulus. 33 days after the Aug 21st eclipse the Rev 12 sign occurs on the last day of the Feast of Trumpets. 33 days from Sept 23rd on Oct 26 the Sun will conjunct with Jupiter in Virgo. THE HEAD IS JOINED WITH THE BODY! The marriage super of the lamb, the great mystery is revealed! Hallelujah!!!!

    The second eclipse coming from Mexico to Maine on April 8th, 2024 (nearly seven years later- prophetic in itself)creates an "X" at Carbondale Southern Illinois in the region of "Little Egypt" 24 miles or 42 minutes West of Carbondale is a liitle town called Jacob (a sign post for the time of Jacobs Trouble) Jacob is the father of Joseph who had the dream with the Sun and the Moon and of 11 sheaves of wheat( his brothers who sold him into slavery who represented the other 11 tribes of Israel). This dream was a prophetic foreshadow of the wonder that John saw in Rev 12. The Holy Spirit confirmed the juxtaposition of the Jacob to Joseph connection is deeply layered and a reflection of Jacob the father of Joseph who was the father of Jesus. Joseph received a dream in which an angel warned him to flee Bethlehem with Mary and baby Jesus (into Egypt - ahgain a paralell of significance with the Great Eclipses "X" that occurs over "Little Egypt" from Herod ( who many have paralleled as the red dragon of Rev 12). In Middle Hebrew the symbol for Tav is an "X". The Devil will be cast from heaven by Michael ( depicted by the constellation Ophicus) and will have great wrath for he knows his time is short. It is the End Satan's reign in Earth it is the Tav Sign and sign of Jonah for a wicked generation that will be "trodden down upon" by the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

    It is the glory of God to conceal a thing and the nature of kings to seek out the matter. All that was hidden will be revealed. The Word rightly divided and confirmed by the Holy Spirit, shows the lateness of the hour, we must be watchful and sober. Trim our lamps with the oil the Holy Spirit and be ready for the bridegroom. Glory be to God!

    He comes soon!
    In Christ,


  3. Dr. Dale I want to thank you so much for your deep study into the stars and sharing this knowledge with all of us. We are so blessed with your message and pray that Yeshua will continue to protect you and your family. We love you and your ministry ❤️
    God's Blessings on you and all your loved ones,
    Cindy Romero

  4. Greeting Dr. Dale,
    I was led to your site by the Revelation12Daily website where I post some information. I like your work and the graphics as I love to do them myself. I just wanted to respectfully point out that in the 1st graphic showing the retrograde of Jupiter, the dates are off. Today, interestingly of the 9th should be right at the line that delineates the 'womb' area, as the position of Jupiter on the 23rd then also needs to 'shift' to the left.

    No big deal and I just wanted to point that out. I have actually studied the Sign for almost 10 years. You and your views are welcome to download my research.

    Lu Vega
    Psalm 27

  5. Hey Lu. I still visit postscripts often. I love that chart showing the phi structure of the entire 6000 years. Soon we can meet in person. Blessings

  6. Mr. Sides. Thanks so much. I can imagine the great joy our Creator had as He set all this in motion at creation. He must have been smiling and thinking "They are going to love this!" Well I think God is smiling again as we consider this amazing creation of His. He's telling the archangels...and complimenting them for keeping the stars courses in order...and He is saying, "They are getting it!!!!" Thank You Sir.

  7. Dr Dale, thank you for this effort. Words cannot describe my appreciation.

  8. Dr. Dale,

    I am watching your video as we speak. TO be honest, I have yet to read the above post but I saw 'Lawgiver' and its Gematria is 1722. I know this and so much more by the grace of God. He has shown me numbers, opened my eyes to dreams and even visions.
    Please visit
    While God has had me close down the blog, I believe with all certainty that He has indeed shown me the day this will happen.

    I will read more. Mercury/Mars and Regulus are key!!

  9. AMEN! Brother Sides!!! Great Study and Information! Also , look at Info. concerning the Great Pyramid at Giza, for how it has been set there in the midst of the World "For and Altar and a Sign directing our Attention to the stars and the Alignments of Regulus and Venus on the 20th of Sept! to the PRECISE 26.3 degree so called CHRIST ANGLE!!! as well as the same thing happening at the same time with Jupiter at the same angle at 5:42:24:333 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love in Christ Jesus Your brother John B

  10. Dr. Dale, my husband & I watched this last night and were extremely blessed! Thank you so much! We had only one thing that we did not agree on & that was that since the 'Restrainer, the Holy Spirit' is still here, we cannot be in the middle of the Tribulation. But everything else totally points out that the 'child born on 9.23.17', is the Body of Christ, uniting with the Head. So excited for the long awaited Rapture!!