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This March 2017 Christological Astronomy Update will first cover some necessary business items, but then we will get into the meat of the matter—the significant celestial event of this coming fall. Every aspiring magi needs to be aware of what will be happening in the heavens in just a few months and to understand its potential relevance. ~Dr. Dale

Christological Astronomy YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel at is up and running for those seeking increased knowledge and understanding of Christological astronomy (CA). We have decided for now to make it accessible to anyone around the globe who wants to study this exciting field. The channel includes an introductory CA video clip that can help people access and understand their profiles and a foundational CA class on interpreting celestial profiles. With this knowledge, you can learn how to do Christological profiles—your own and as many others as needed. (I am also in the process of putting a book together so that people can do their profiles without the help of a computer.) Other videos on this site include advanced teachings that delve into the deeper studies of decans.

In order to officially name our channel we need at least 500 subscribers, so please register and invite all your “stellar” friends to register too! Advertise us by displaying our link on your social media sites and share it with those in your spheres of influence. A lot of hours of hard work have gone into this effort to help people around the world, so please check it out and sign up so that we can establish an official name for the site. We believe it could be an influential tool to reach the millennials and the younger generations with a knowledge of the glory of God.

New YouTube Class on the Decans

The new class on decans is an exciting study into the deeper meanings of the minor constellations.  Each major constellation of the Mazzaroth has three minor amplifiers (associated constellations called “decans”) that give it greater meaning and significance. This class is on how to Christologically interpret these decans and apply those interpretations in a practical way to live like the Messiah here on earth. The information on these 36 minor constellations is a major portion of Level 3 on and is now required knowledge for certification as a facilitator. (The facilitator’s training has been recently updated to include this class, and a new e-book will soon be posted at

Christological Astronomy Website

Our Christological Astronomy website at is an amazing witnessing tool. Please check it out and register to get a password so that you can do profiles for yourself and others. We are still working toward the app, but until then, you can save this link and the YouTube channel link on your phone or tablet and use either or both when you are witnessing to people. Our astronomy program is being touted in astronomical circles as a great addition to the field and a resource for many researchers. We also want to get more astrologers to look at it so they can have the necessary instruction to correct the common dating errors of traditional astrology. Our goal is to introduce astrologers to the true Astrologos in the process.

Revelation 12:1 and 2—“The Meat of the Matter” (Part 1)

We are privileged to be living during this time when the heavens are announcing the Lord’s coming! I have been tracking these announcements for over 20 years and am excited to see how the signs are increasing in their intensity and impact. According to computer projections, we are heading toward a big crescendo during the Jewish fall feasts this year, with a major sign occurring on September 23rd—just a few months away!  

Note: See for my blog posting that deals specifically with the celestial fulfillment of Revelation 12:1 and 2. In that posting, I promised a follow-up on verses 3 and 4, which you will find a portion of at the end of this posting.

The understanding of what will occur this fall is progressive as the research deepens and details keep pouring in. We can speculate on some possible meanings, but textually, Revelation 12:1 and 2 must happen simultaneously with verses 3 and 4. When this happens, the war in heaven will be triggered.

According to astronomical research, this particular celestial arrangement has never occurred during mankind’s history and will not likely happen again according to the longest computer projections. However, there was a similar occurrence on August 5, 3915 bc which may have been the pattern of this prophecy’s fulfillment. (See an amazing revelation about this on a YouTube channel called “September 23, 2017—Part 1: The Revelation 12 Sign – Unlocking Daniel’s Sealed Prophecies,” which is part of a series entitled “God’s Roadmap to the End.”)
Chapter 12 is a major marker in the book of Revelation and, hence, it is a major tribulation prophecy. Exactly what will happen and what the message in the heavens is telling us is open for discussion, but that it is going to happen is not. God made this “clock” in the heavens and it really is the only accurate timepiece we have. It is absolute, and God has told us that the alarm will go off this fall.

This is biblical prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes.

The arrangement of the Sun, Moon, and planets on September 23, 2017 seems so accurately described in these verses that it is basically impossible for this to not be their prophetic fulfillment. It appears that John the Apostle was transported into the future during the end days and shown this celestial configuration. Although it is exciting to see the fulfillment of this, there are obviously some cautions that go along with it since it is plausible that it will be the beginning of the Great Tribulation. I challenge you to read Revelation 12 and 13 and see for yourself that when this is lined up with the computer projections for this fall, it certainly appears that it is about to happen. Daniel prophesied about increased knowledge in the end days, and the current knowledge of astronomy gained from computer projections could be a fulfillment of that prophecy, opening the doors of awareness of an even greater prophecy. These are sobering thoughts. God have mercy on us all. 

Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) will occur on either the 22nd or 23rd of September this year, and the heavens will fit the description of Revelation 12:1 and 2.

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. ~Revelation 12:1­–2

The Sun will be located in the middle of the woman (Virgo) and the Moon will be under her feet. This happens every Rosh Hashanah, but the difference this year is that the remainder of verses 1 and 2 is also fulfilled. The remainder of verse 1 speaks of a garland of 12 stars on her head, and this will be resembled in the heavens as a string of pearls backwards from Virgo’s head that connects the major planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars (which would appear as stars) to the 9 major stars of Leo, plus.

Throughout this arrangement, Jupiter (known as the King planet) is fulfilling verse 2 as it retrogrades in Virgo’s midsection, depicting the birth of her child. It will descend down the birth canal on September 23rd, 2017, which just “happens” to be the Feast of Trumpets that announces the coming of the King. This cannot be wrong.

Many of us have long suspected that Jupiter (Hebrew Tsedeq) is the King Star of Matthew 2. The fact that it will be retrograding around Virgo’s star Al Zemach at this time, makes it clear that it is. (See also postings from June 16 and July 15, 2015.)

Another sign that could be pointing toward a culmination occurred on December 23, 2016, when an anti-settlement resolution was passed by the United Nations Security Council, nullifying the legality of any Jewish settlement built in Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem where the Temple Mount is located. Although the resolution does not specify this, some are interpreting this to be delegitimizing the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall as Israeli territory. What’s interesting is that the celestial event of September 23, 2017 will occur nine months to the day of the signing of this anti-Israel resolution. (Read the full text of this resolution at

Historically, since the 1917 Balfour Declaration and the Six-Day War of 1967, we now are facing the possibility of a Jubilee fulfillment, with this one potentially being the 120th.

As for celestial indicators this year, there was a recent comet siting during a lunar eclipse in February (2017), and there is going to be a solar eclipse exactly one month before the target of September 23, 2017. In the following subsection, I will give a short Christological interpretation of the comet’s message and then one on the solar eclipse that will take place in August. The heavens are heralding the coming of the King and the casting down of Satan.  

Comet 45P

Comet 45P, also known as the Honda or New Year’s Comet, became visible (with binoculars) sometime during December and remained that way through the early part of March. (It becomes visible about every 5.25 years.) In December it was spotted in the constellation of Hercules and was tracked through Corona (the Crown) in January and February. In early March, it disappeared from view in the constellation of Boötes.

Christologically, Comet 45P’s course broadcasted the same message that the celestial alignment of Revelation 12 will display in September: Satan is being cast down! Hercules will be in a central position in the sky with his foot on the head of the constellation Drago, the dragon (or serpent), representing Messiah the serpent crusher (Revelation 12:7ff). When Comet 45P left Hercules, it traveled through the constellation of Corona, depicting the serpent’s effort to remove the crown; however, it was subdued by the twin giant of the heavens, Ophiuchus. Corona represents the crown of life promised to Christ followers who stand fast so that no man can take their crown (Revelation 2:10). Comet 45P ended up in Boötes (the Lord coming to reap the harvest) before disappearing from view (Revelation 14:14ff).

The twofold definitive statement is that the judgment of Yeshua is coming upon the devil (by casting down the serpent) and He is coming to gather His people (Revelation 12:7–9). This doesn’t mean it will happen on that very day (September 23, 2017); however, it should come to pass very soon.

The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

One month before the forecasted date of the fulfillment of Revelation 12:1 and 2, a solar eclipse will occur, appearing mainly over the United States. (Incidentally, at that time Vicki and I will be in Casper, Wyoming, one of the best viewing sites, where I have been invited to speak on the Christology of this event.) The world will go bonkers over this eclipse with most of them not even realizing the significant location of it. In the Stellarium depiction below, we can see where it will occur.

The moon is eclipsing the Sun in direct relationship to the star Regulus in the constellation of Leo. Leo Christologically represents the Lion of the Tribe of Judah—the Messiah. Many will observe this sign plastered in the heavens that is announcing the coming of the Lord, yet “seeing they may see and not perceive” (Mark 4:12 NKJV).  

There will be thousands traveling to Casper, Wyoming to view this eclipse and partake in the “Wyoming Eclipse Festival 2017.”  I wonder if it will draw serious Sun worshipers or those simply looking to party. Either way, pray for open doors of utterance to open blind eyes. It will be a big deal, and there will be heavy media coverage, yet I doubt anyone will mention the fact that it is occurring in Leo in direct conjunction with the star Regulus (the King star)—or that it’s happening exactly one lunar month before September 23rd. An additional factor that makes this eclipse in August so compelling is that both the Sun and moon will be in conjunction with Regulus. This shows the coming of the Lord in judgment, as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

During a total solar eclipse, the Sun’s light is blocked out, making other celestial bodies visible, almost as if it were nighttime. It can be compared to a theatrical performance when the house lights are dimmed so the audience can focus on the stage and its players. When the main light is blocked on August 18, Jupiter will be plainly visible in Virgo during its retrograde in the womb; and all this points to the coming of the King.

Revelation 12:3 and 4—“The Meat of the Matter” (Part 2)

To the best of my knowledge, the signs in the heavens have been pointing to two things since 1996—the coming of the Lord and the casting down of Satan. The celestial alignment of September 2017 is broadcasting this two-fold message. Revelation 12:1 and 2 show the Lord’s coming and verses 3 and 4 show Satan being cast down while in the midst of trying to prevent His coming.  

For years, I’ve tried to understand the imagery in Revelation 12, and now I believe it has been profiling the first and second comings of the Lord. We cannot separate verses 1 and 2 from 3 and 4 because they are simultaneous events. The red dragon in verse 3 is positioning himself to devour the child as soon as it’s born.

And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. ~Revelation 12:3–4

Make no mistake, what is being displayed in the heavens is a scene of impending violence. It seems as though chapter 12 is heaven’s picture of what is happening on earth in chapter 13. When the dragon is cast down, he comes to the earth and empowers the beast (Revelation 13:2).

Verses 1 and 2, as far as I understand, have a mutually inclusive event that is further enhanced in verses 3 and 4 with the entrance of the red dragon. The dragon appears to devour the Child (represented by Jupiter), indicating a celestial phenomenon at that moment in time. The spiritual implication is that Satan will be thrown down to earth, potentially beginning the Great Tribulation. From the subsequent chapters in Revelation, the story line bears witness to what the heavens were prophesying in verses 1–4 of chapter 12—Satan is soon to be cast down to earth, triggering the Great Tribulation!

Regardless of how this is interpreted, it still indicates that the red dragon will show up simultaneously with the woman about to bear her child. This will signal the war in heaven between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels, resulting in the dragon, Satan, being cast to the earth.

Lastly, I want to exhort you with a scripture that is so relevant today, the ink may still be wet, even though it was written almost 2,000 years ago.

Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time. ~Revelation 12:12

This is where the rubber meets the road and our traditional doctrine will be challenged, because the obvious outcome of this will be great tribulation. Interestingly, this verse is telling the heavens and those who dwell in them to rejoice, which indicates a gathering of people in the heavens. To me, this could be interpreted as the Bride of Christ being caught away, leaving the rest of the Body of Christ on the earth to be purged during the Great Tribulation. This is one way to interpret what these celestial events are signaling.
This phenomenon may quite possibly include an unidentified celestial object (UCO) appearing somewhere in the vicinity of Jupiter, or perhaps under Virgo’s feet. From reports we’ve already been receiving, this could be Planet X’s (Nibiru’s) earthly debut. The description of the red dragon in verses 3 and 4 lines up with the description of a celestial phenomenon in Chinese astronomy that occurred around 1628 bc.1 Gil Broussard also documents a siting recorded by Chinese astronomers dating back to ad 1054.2

I have long believed and voiced that the Great Tribulation would be accompanied by, if not caused by, celestial anomalies. It is obvious when you read a prophecy about a mountain falling into the sea that it is referring to something falling from the heavens, i.e., an asteroid the size of a mountain (Revelation 9:1).

Revelation 12:1–4 speaks of two separate celestial events, but I believe they will happen simultaneously this fall. The context shows us that this will begin hell on earth because of Satan being cast down. The verses later on in chapter 12 about overcoming him suddenly become relevant. 

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. ~Revelation 12:11

It is also fitting to acknowledge that the Lord may be coming for His bride and that she is taken out of the tribulation and then comes again with Him in glory. There are lots of things to consider from piecing together both the heavenly and written Scriptures.

I believe these are the most exciting times to be alive ever. Believing (or not believing) in the rapture will not make it happen (nor stop it from happening). The Bible declares that Jesus will choose a bride, and it appears that the only thing within our control is making the decision to seek the Lord and be holy. So let’s do what Matthew 25:1–13 exhorts us to do and trim our lamps and be ready for the coming of our Bridegroom.

Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near. ~Luke 21:28

In our present culture of heated political debates, let me say this—our hope is in Jesus, not political allies or in any earthly powers, nor is it in our own physical strength.

As I said earlier, research continues to pour in on this upcoming event at lightning speed. As I am able to evaluate and disseminate it, I will update you and also go further into the subsequent chapters of the book of Revelation.

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” ~Revelation 22:17



1.         Greg Jenner, “Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Collection,” online article, accessed March 16, 2017, Jenner states the following in his article:

From James Legge’s book The Sacred Books of China (1879), he cites an ancient story of a corrupt tyrant named King Chieh who just so happened to be the last King of the Xia Dynasty. During the Xia/Shang dynasty transition, King Chieh was defeated by King T’ang, and according to my research, the transition period could have included 1628 BC - the time Typhone (the celestial Beast) was seen overhead.

Legge translates:

              The Sacred Books of China
              “…the king of Xia [Chieh] extinguished his virtue, and played the               tyrant ... The way of heaven is to bless the good and make the bad               miserable. It sent down calamities on [the dynasty of] Xia, to make           manifest his guilt ...”

During King Chieh’s defeat, the ancient Chinese text refers to “bright terrors,” “sending calamities” and the bitter weed “wormwood”.

To me, these quotes indicate King Chieh quite possibly could have seen the celestial Beast in the skies at the time of his defeat (along with King Typhon’s observation in a totally different region of the world).

2.        Gil Broussard, “Planet-X (7X) ‘Chinese Guest Star’ of Year 1054,” online video, accessed March 17, 2017,

Friday, January 6, 2017


Vicki and I have been overwhelmed by the goodness and generosity of God’s people in the face of our recent tragedy. We have received so much response that it took Vicki an entire day to record what we have been given monetarily. We are deeply grateful for your benevolence. We would like to send out personal thank-you notes eventually, but it may be awhile before we can do that. In the meantime, please receive this as a genuine thank you from our hearts. You have been amazing.
Just this morning—less than two weeks later—Vicki and I agreed that eventually we will be thankful that this fiery trial happened; but presently, we are still processing the destruction of our possessions and the fearsome power of a consuming fire. In this letter, I hope to share some of the lessons we have already learned, and are continuing to learn, from this unexpected event—which are far greater than any worldly possessions.

The Fire
Just before going to bed on the evening of December 14, the Lord told me that Satan had greatly withstood me in the subject of Christological Astronomy. A few hours later, our back porch caught on fire. The Lord supernaturally awakened me, and I got Vicki (and our dog Mickey) out of the house with only seconds to spare. Not to be melodramatic, but the body of Christ almost lost their most apostolic teachers for the subject of Christological Astronomy. Plain and simple, this incident resembles the book of Job; it was an assassination attempt upon mine and Vicki’s lives. The word Vicki and I both received was, “He redeemed our lives from destruction.” We have wreaked havoc on the devil and his kingdom for many years. The reality is that we have become a serious threat to Satan’s kingdom, but Jesus redeemed our lives from destruction.
The whole ordeal with the fire began that night at about 9 pm, when I had cleaned out the wood stove and put the coals in a container on the back basement porch. As much as it sounds like Job, a gust of wind that was approximately 30 miles-per-hour came up in the early hours of the morning (December 15) and apparently blew the can over. Because there were a few live embers within the coals, it ignited a plastic gas tank for my motorcycle, which then quickly spread to our almost six cords of firewood stacked right behind the house. The continuing winds directed this blazing inferno straight into our home and forged the fire so intensely that it was incinerated in its entirety within one hour. Almost immediately after the house was consumed, the winds subsided. The fire marshal said that this was the hottest fire he had ever witnessed. Regardless, my beautiful wife and I stood in the side yard and witnessed our home with all our earthly possessions completely destroyed in a blazing fire. Among the scars and trauma registered in my mind of that night, I have deeply embedded in my memory also a powerful picture of Vicki standing in her nightgown, glowing orange from the reflections of the inferno, with her hands raised to the heavens praying and quoting Bible verses.
I can tell you that I hurt more for her than I hurt for me, but she is a rock and one of the godliest people I have ever known or even read about. Of all that we lost, the thing that hurt me most was the burning of her artwork. But Jesus redeemed my life from destruction—He personally told me that He got her artwork and that it would be in her home in glory. Hallelujah! We lost everything—all of our earthly possessions, including our two cars parked outside the house. Besides Vicki’s artwork, we lost all my guns and ammo, and the contents of our safe, which included enough assets to buy the house (which we were preparing to do). When you listen to this month’s CD (January 2017) entitled “Through the Fire / Bitter or Better,” you will hear Vicki share about the few remains and their possible prophetic meanings. The closing monthly CD for 2016 (December) was on the subject of suffering, and we have now been given the opportunity to live it out.
Both Vicki and I have been vociferous about our beliefs concerning the end times and hard times, and we had made physical preparations to help many people in the face of a catastrophe. I believe we were also both spiritually prepared for this tragedy because we have been storing God’s amazing, powerful Word in our minds, and that has yielded a peace that passes understanding throughout this ordeal. In addition, we believe that God is increasing our spiritual preparation by the lessons He is teaching us from this event, and that is worth far more than all we have lost.

Some Lessons We Have Learned
After my wailing and moaning subsided, I took the time to ask the Lord how He felt about the situation. The lessons He taught me and continues to teach me are incredibly comforting and revealing. As I tell you what He said, you will know that He said these things since there’s no way I am clever enough to think them up. When I asked Him how He felt about it, I heard sort of a light chuckle and then He said, “I got what I wanted out of the fire.” I knew He meant Vicki and me. At first, His response sort of shocked me, but then I realized the simplicity and brevity of it. He added, “I am sorry for the loss of your things, but when I see what you have up here, it is not worthy to compare.” He continued, “I have heard your moaning over the loss of Vicki’s  artwork. No more tears.” He ended with, “I have them and they will be hanging in her home in glory.” This last statement affected me deeply as I saw His individual compassion on me.
I also asked Him, “People have said, ‘the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.’ Would you please comment on that?” He answered, “I did not burn your house. I am not that way and I am not that cheap. You opened the door with the bucket of coals and the devil capitalized on it and burned your house.” What a valuable lesson. Later, in a different conversation, He also told me that it was a planned assassination attempt on Vicki and me because of our contribution to Christological Astronomy and the glory of the Astrologos we are striving for. This has made me incredibly more aware of the precious cargo that we are carrying and even more dedicated to sow it into the world.
He added, “If you and Vicki had died in the fire, you would have more today here than you would even have had if the fire had not occurred.” He said, “I redeemed your life from destruction because I had mercy on your children.”
I know that He woke me up. When I shared this with the fire marshal, we both praised God for it. Two days later a house fire not too far from us killed all three occupants. It wasn’t until several days later as we were sharing with our home fellowship that it suddenly hit me just how close we came to dying in the fire.
Vicki and I have agreed to not play the devil’s game of “What if,” so I am not going to dwell too long on it, but what if Vicki and I had died in the fire? What would it have done to my family? When I shared this with our staff, Joe Dobrota added, “That includes your spiritual children.” I tremble at God’s mercy.

More Lessons
One of the biggest lessons is the power of memorized scripture. As I laid down to go to sleep the first night after the fire, as soon as I closed my eyes, I was viewing the “video” of my initial discovery of the flames behind my house and experiencing the same trauma at the realization that we were about to lose our lives. (I have taught about situations like this in Mending Cracks in the Soul.) As soon as this flashed into my mind, the conditioning of God’s Word and spiritual preparation for traumatic video replays such as these kicked in and I immediately started quoting Psalm 91. The more my mind wanted to see the flames and make me associate to fear, the more I willed my mind to press into the scriptures. I even began grammatically diagramming verse 1, and when it was finished, I moved onto verse 2, and was diagramming verse 8 when I fell asleep. Then I woke up at 4 am. As soon as I was awake, another scene of the fire—it bursting into the house as the whole back part of the house was ablaze—flashed in my mind. As soon as I saw it, I doused it with Psalm 103. I got down to about verse 5 and woke up at 6 am to a third picture of trauma—seeing the whole house on fire. I hosed that one down with Ephesians and before I knew it, it was 8 am and I was rested and not a victim to trauma. So this is the lesson: overcome trauma with truth. If I had not memorized scripture verses from God’s Word, I could have been a basket case with a fractured mind for a long time, if not forever. Generally, a progression sets in: after trauma comes anxiety, then sleeplessness, then off to the doctor for pain pills and/or sleep aids. Then the next thing you know, self-pity sets in, demons of depression come in, you bear the consequences of being a victim, and a life is destroyed.
Vicki has been my inspiration and my cheerleader in memorizing scripture. Every day I already had the Word running through my mind to overcome the symptoms of Lyme disease and to live above the pain; so when the fire came, we were both prepared. May we exhort you—even if just because this lesson cost us so dearly to see plainly—please memorize some Bible. Don’t delay, start today!
Some lessons have come directly from the Lord, but others have come from several of our friends who have been prophetically reliable for many years and have spoken some words that bear witness in our hearts. One friend prophesied that the glory of the body of Christ’s giving and expression of compassion and love is a far greater glory than the burning of precious possessions. We have received loving gifts from local churches (including the Baptists and the Roman Catholics), and even from complete strangers, such as my granddaughter’s school teacher. Truly, the glory of the whole body of Christ working together to bless us is producing a greater glory than the plundering of our earthly things.
Another friend commented that I have pioneered works my whole life and ministry. He said, “It appears that the Lord has given you an apostolic teaching mantle on suffering and is giving you some great lessons that you can share with us. He continued, “The last several teachings you have sent us have been on suffering; now it appears that He is giving you a promotion and some new material.” I responded that I did not volunteer for an apostle of suffering any more than Paul did, but who am I to question the Potter? I am committed to getting as much out of this as I can. What the devil has meant for harm, God will use for good.
Also, about two weeks prior to the fire, my daughter Sarah had a dream that I was killed. Since then she has been praying repetitively and fervently, “God have mercy on me and don‘t let my parents die.” Obviously, He heard and answered her prayers. We also have several testimonies of people waking in the middle of the night just in time to pray for Vicki and me before, during, and after the fire. Mercy, mercy, mercy.
Always remember, it is how you respond to taking a big hit that reveals if you are a champion with a strong depth of character. “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small” (Proverbs 24:10). The fire has also ignited resolve in our hearts to fulfill our purposes, and we are thankful for the extension of time we have been given to do that. I actually have less fear now than ever before because Jesus redeemed our lives from destruction. Satan made two mistakes: 1) trying to kill us; 2) failing in the attempt.
Lots of lessons—expensive and precious. Praise the Lord, I have my wife and I have my life.
How You Can Help
For those of you who may be wondering how you can help us, here are some suggestions.
  • Please pray that we can learn as much out of this as we can and that we would share the lessons with God’s people. I knew when I was ordained and especially as an apostle that I would be set up for such things. Please pray for peace, grace, and at least a double portion of restoration.
  • We need money to buy back what was plundered. Vicki and I are thankful for the burning of some ballast, but there are some things we would like to replace. Checks, made payable to Dale M. Sides, may be sent to the LMCI address: 1029 Turnpike Rd., Suite F, Bedford VA 24523. (Please note that such checks are NOT tax-deductible; they are personal gifts.) Many of you have already done this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  • I had the thought last night that if anyone has a house full of really nice furniture (perhaps left by parents or grandparents) that they don’t want and are willing to donate, it could be a great answer to what we need. What we lost in the fire, at least at this time, was our inheritance to give to our children. They have assured us that our lives now are their inheritance. In addition, if you know anyone who would like to make a sizeable donation to the ministry, we could buy or build a location for Vicki and me to live in.
  • We so appreciate the gifts that you have already given and your wonderful hearts of benevolence. However, please do not give us what you would normally send to sponsor LMCI. We appreciate your kindness, but it’s in a time like this that if we are not wise, we could end up with personal things while the ministry suffers.
I am planning our strategy carefully. A spiritual warrior’s most effective and powerful position is on his knees. All of his moves and weapons are launched best from this position. We have weapons of power and authority to command God’s heavenly purposes to come to earth. Thanks for joining us in the operation of these.
In summary, Vicki and I have both adopted the same attitude as the Lord—we got what we wanted out of the fire, and that was each other. We have both had to deal with trauma but we are so grateful for the scriptures we have memorized that have freed us from it. This is one of the greatest lessons of all and we are committed to continue teaching people this vital key on how to prepare for hard times. It has become more valuable than all our earthly treasures.  
Vicki and I have a cute little furnished house to move into on January 1st while the other house is being rebuilt. This temporary home is right next door to Joe and Mary Ellen Dobrota. We are presently staying with our daughter Sarah and her husband Keven and enjoying the therapy of our grandchildren. My granddaughter Kaitlin said to me the other night as I was putting her to bed, “Pop (my affectionate grandfather name), I am sorry that your house burned down but I know something good that can come out of it.” “What?” I asked. She said, “You can write a book about what you learn.” Out of the mouth of babes!
From the first night of the fire, Vicki and I began confessing “Jesus Christ makes all things new.” Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, prayers, and support for us.
God bless you all. We love you.
P.S. Please note that we have already received all the clothes that we need; and although we will eventually need furniture, we presently have no place to store it. However, we would love to receive some furniture once the new house is finished, which should be within six-to-eight months. We will certainly let you know when that happens. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Victimized by Suicide (And How to Overcome It)

In August of 1999, I was in the President of Nigeria’s office when I got a phone call that continues to ring in my ears today. It was my wife’s voice informing me that my mother had taken her life. At that split second in time, I unknowingly became a victim of suicide. Even now, I have to work to forget the helpless feeling that came over me. As I tried to grasp my loss and grief, I fell to my knees weeping. My mother had stolen my relationship with her—and there was nothing I could do about it but cry and moan.

To this day, I have tried to redeem some good out of that situation, and all I have been able to recover is the lesson of how to overcome the victimization of suicide. I hope that this can help you or someone you know who has experienced the trauma of a loved one committing suicide.

Victimization is the consequence of a bad situation happening to you over which you had no control. It can be the result of an accident or a violation such as abuse, rape, abduction, or a robbery. The main victimization of suicide is that your loved one has stolen their relationship away from you. When someone you loved and knew so well commits the abuse (in this case, suicide) it sets it apart from a situation where a stranger has committed the offense.   

The whole direction and focus of your life from that point on will be determined by how well you are able to forgive the offense your loved one committed against you. A victim of any tragedy can be tempted to carry a helpless, hopeless attitude that affects every area of their life, including all their other relationships. Yes, people do get victimized, and suicide is one of the ways this happens; but there are ways to overcome it. It is not easy, but it can be done.


The only way I know to overcome the victimization of suicide is to forgive the one who committed the act of taking their life. I learned this lesson rather abruptly after carrying the unforgiveness of my mother around for almost 10 years. At a deliverance conference, I was confronted with the question of who I needed to forgive. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked this of others in my deliverance meetings, but this time, the question was addressed to me. When I consulted the Lord, He responded with, “Your mother.” Even though I had counseled others about this very thing in their lives, I was stunned by His response and realized I had been weighed down with the same offense. The realization hit me that I needed to forgive my mother for stealing my relationship with her. What could be more dastardly that to steal someone’s relationship with their mother, especially when it is the mother who steals it? The betrayal and loss is irrevocable. So there I was, staring down this huge offense and realizing that I had to forgive her—for my own sake. My dilemma was—how?

Forgiveness can be tricky. I actually believe it is one of the most difficult Christ-like characteristics to develop. It necessitates acting from your spirit and not your soul. Your soul, or mind, struggles against it because it holds the offense in its memory. Therefore, the decision must be made from your spirit, contrary to your mind, and then spoken from your mouth. It is a heart decision that presents itself in the physical realm by speaking it out. In my case, it was saying, “I forgive my mother,” and then, in essence, handing the Lord her I.O.U. note. We give Him the offense and trust Him to do justice with the debt that the person owes you. It is not that the person gets off scot-free but that you allow Jesus to hold the note and decide what to do with it. As you continue to speak forgiveness towards the offender, you will accept it in your heart. You will know it has reached your heart when you can trust Him to handle it.


As I said, forgiveness of the person is paramount. Another concept that helped me in processing this was trying to imagine what caused the person to have such thoughts. This helped make me more empathetic toward them. The one who commits suicide at some point believed a lie that was exacerbated by demons of deception, including self-pity. To some degree, the study of iniquity can open our understanding of generational curses to help us see why people are the way they are and why they act the way they do. On the other hand, there are some things we will never know or understand in our earthly lives.

Don’t Play the “What If?” Game

When our mother took her life, my brother Larry shared something he heard Charles Stanley say, “Those things you don’t understand, put them in a bag, tie it up, give it to the Lord, and never open it again.” Great advice! Failure to do this can open the door for the devil to play the “What If?” game. What if you had been with the person or had gone to see her or called, then such and such would not have happened. NO! Don’t play that game! The devil tried to play it with me by whispering, “Well, if you had been with her then she would not have done this.” The truth of the matter is that she would have done it anyway. Don’t play the game. Control your thinking and give the things you do not understand to the Lord.

Remember the Good

Don’t let their suicide overshadow your loved one’s goodness and accomplishments. Remember the good things about them. It is easy to allow tragedy to overcome us in times of weakness, but we must “hold fast to the good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

In Closing

I hope that this article helps you or someone you know who has become the victim of a loved one’s suicide. The ultimate peace and reconciliation of the tragedy rests with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the judge of the living and the dead. He holds the keys and only He truly knows the heart of man. He is a just and righteous judge.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


There is an intentional siege underway by sons of Belial who have bought their way into influential positions within our universities and colleges, allowing them to selectively choose faculty who will teach humanistic, liberal doctrines that are anti-Christian. Many of our major universities began as Christ-centered places of higher learning. Duke University began as Trinity College, and Yale and Harvard were both Bible-based colleges until certain rich people with unsavory motives began donating large sums of money to them. These wealthy people were given board positions so they could hire those who would teach what they wanted taught and fire those who would not. Such donors are dominated by the spirit of anti-Christ, and their scheme is a secret ploy to control our society.

If you think that I am paranoid and no schemes are afoot to capture our young people through liberal education, do an internet search on “Illuminati; Free Masons; and Phi Beta Kappa,” and brace yourself as your rose-colored glasses are ripped off. Sons of Belial are baiting and hiring the brightest minds out of our schools to help move their global agenda toward a one-world government in preparation for the coming of the anti-Christ. This is no joke.

I apologize for not writing this article sooner because I’ve known of this dastardly snare for at least 10 years. Perhaps if I had blown the whistle back then, more students and their parents would have been prepared for the mine-field that was lying in wait for them at most of the four-year colleges in our country. About 10 years ago, the Holy Spirit led me to do research on children of the devil, biblically called “sons of Belial.” This opened my eyes not only to how to identify them but also to discover some of their schemes and methods (methodia in the Greek). One of the most powerful ways to control the social and cultural compass of a nation is to control the curricula at its educational centers, even beginning as early as primary school, all the way through the upper levels of learning. The premise is that if you can change the thinking of the future educators who come out of the brighter and more scholarly populous, you can change the whole idealism of a society. Indoctrinating the teachers and future leaders of our nation is what they are doing, but why they are doing it is despicable: it is an anti-Christ agenda.

God damn Satan and all his children who have turned the truth of God into the lie and led our children away from the faith of Christ into humanism and atheism. There are many teachers and professors in colleges who, for the price of a paycheck, preach the doctrines of devils and lead people away from the belief in the true God. I do not need to damn those people because they have already damned themselves. They are hirelings who have sold their souls and character for riches and for the kingdoms of this world and the glory of them. I would like to pray for salvation rather than damnation for these wolves who are dressed in sheep’s clothing, but whichever one, let it come quickly and suddenly. I would like for all of them to know that God has reserved special places of torment for those who deceive the little ones away from following God and suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

Many college professors are people who failed to make a living in their field, so they returned to school to get their masters and PhDs so they could teach it instead. They are often intellectual theorists with little to no practical expertise; but they honor themselves in their lecture halls by appearing as an authority on their topic. In reality, they don’t have a clue about the real world. If you strip away their fellowship grants and paychecks, they would probably be homeless (or a politician). They are revered by students who don’t realize that they weren’t even able to make a career in their field; so, subsequently, their material is based upon nothing more than parroted comments from an even older professor who, like them, couldn’t make it in the same field either.

This is deeply personal for me. I am infuriated at the devil for stealing so many young people through these lies and schemes. From 1994–2011, I hosted and ran a teen ministry through week-long camps where I was personally involved in kids’ lives, teaching and counselling them, leading them in deliverance, baptizing most of them, and speaking prophetic words over them. They were all great and most of them left these weeks excited about the Lord. Some of them are still doing well; some are not. However, if I did a tally of them, I would bet that I lost as many (or more) to collegiate intellectualism and its deception than to drugs. It is heartbreaking to me and to their families—especially to their fathers and mothers who trained them to know the Lord Jesus and follow His ways. They send them off to college only to see their faith stolen in the educational snares of humanism and atheism.

The Bible does promise that if you bring up your children in the ways of the Lord then they will not depart from it. Lots of parents gave up that right to bring them up when they turned them over to the public schools. From my observations, I can tell you that I have seen more kids come back to the Lord from drugs than from intellectualism and humanism.

Imagine a young Christian girl who marches off to college totally unaware of the snare that has been set for her. She gets into a class where the professor does the same thing that Satan did to Eve. He asks a couple of questions that cause her to consider the logic, and before long, she has joined in with the popular consensus of the class. She may think she has a whole “new” idea that she came up with herself, when in reality the professor led her and the other students to that point, just as Satan did with Eve.

Even wrong logic seems logical until its true premise is examined. For example, those who propound the theory of evolution actually expect their classes to believe that everything was created out of nothing. The irony is that in the process of their deception, these students are also getting strapped with thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of student loans—all to listen to lies and distortions intentionally schemed to destroy their faith in God and in His laws and morality. In essence, they (or their parents) are financially feeding the machinery that is destroying their faith and ultimately their lives.

This happens in the public universities as well as the private ones, except the sons of Belial are government agents who provide national and state funds to do the same thing. In all my years of ministry around the world, the most hostile and caustic environment I have ever had to minister in was the campus center at Ohio State University. The spiritual atmosphere was swarming with confusion due to the web of deception, beliefs in many gods, false humility, and intellectual pride that most of the students and faculty were under. Doctrines of demons love to hang out in places of higher education where they can easily infiltrate and create confusion. If they can get the students to doubt their belief in God, and especially Christ, they have won. Make no mistake, college students in any society form the next generation of leadership, and it continues on into subsequent generations as long as sons of Belial remain in control.

Their plan does not end at colleges and universities, because that’s where the schoolteachers come from. All grade school and high school teachers are required to have a college education, so most of them are exposed to this poison of humanism and atheism so that they can take it with them into their teaching careers. They not only are carriers, but now they can disseminate it into the young and impressionable minds in their classrooms. The aim of sons of Belial is to ensnare these teachers to propagate the same lies they themselves learned in college. We can see this even in the primary schools where the teachers are teaching alternative life styles and aberrant behavior to their students. Then, as the kids progress to the higher grades, they encourage the use of condoms and often give them away free to high schoolers. Of course, there are teachers who disagree with this, but they are coerced by the faculty director who is being controlled by the school board who is getting funds from the federal government.

As bad as it is now, even I had a dose of it when I began my own college career many years ago. In the fall of 1968, I walked into the worst nightmare of my life. I had taken an extra year to “prepare” myself for what was coming, but it still body slammed me almost immediately as soon as I left the freshmen registration and headed straight into a lecture hall on world history. The professor began with, “This is the history of man and not God, because there is no God.” Those were the first words out of his mouth to 600 glassy-eyed freshmen at 9:00 am on the first day of classes. Thus began the challenge of refusing to let my faith get blown all to hell. The drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll was bad enough, but the worst of that time for me was the poison of evolution and atheism being fed to me in class. Even in 1969, the ichthyology (fish science) professor had to teach the curriculum based on evolution, which he knew was a lie. Just think where it is today. Nowadays some college professors are hired for a song and a dance and give credits to athletes who don’t even attend class.

A Word to the Teachers and Professors

I would like to ask these professors and teachers, “Where is your integrity?” Are you teaching lies under the guise of education? Are you a hireling? Whether you teach in the church or in the school system, it is still available to pervert the right ways of God.

Do not be fooled into thinking the intellectual model is superior to the spiritual one. You are a spirit that has a mind. You are greater than your intellect and can choose to engage the spirit realm through the Holy Spirit. God’s spirit realm is far superior to the intellectual realm of this world, regardless of how much knowledge one accrues.

My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment. ~James 3:1

Teachers will be accountable to God. Being a teacher is an honorable calling according to societal standards. So act honorable. Refuse to teach and say things that are contrary to your conscience and especially Scripture. God bless you, and may He have mercy on us all.

Public schools are generally traps and snares of liberalism and humanism built by government funds and staffed by the people they train to teach what they say. God has been cleverly removed and replaced by humanism. Derek Prince (one of my favorite teachers) would say, “The religion of the antichrist will be humanism.” This is one of the reasons I have deeply distrusted our present administration, because it embodies this humanistic reverence, which feeds into globalism. Humanism is the foundation of globalism. Atheism is where reason discounts and denies God and allows behavior contrary to Scripture and even moral ethics.

This agenda was not born overnight—there has long been a hidden hand driving it and the lie that feeds into it. It is the lie of globalism’s one-world government and its religion of humanism. This is the dope being fed to our children in colleges, high schools, grade schools, and primary schools—today.

Who [they] exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. ~Romans 1:25

Humanism is the promotion of the importance of humans over God. It ultimately will lead to making mankind his own deity and excuse the need for obedience and sensitivity to right and wrong. It leads to self-worship and atheism. The ultimate fruit of intellectualism is the false “theorem” that there is no God. This is the doctrine being taught in colleges by those who cannot find work in their field. They are the ones who propound theories that have no basis in reality or godliness.

My prayer and desire for this article is to not only disclose their agenda but to warn our youth before they fall into its snare. This anti-Christ scheme has been orchestrated by sons of Belial to destroy morality and faith in God through humanism and atheism. It is moving through our educational systems, funded by those who have sold their souls for wealth and fame rather than surrendering to the true God and His ways.

That we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness by which they lie in wait to deceive. ~Ephesians 4:14

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Celestial Fulfillment of Revelation 12:1 and 2

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. ~Revelation 12:1–2

Revelation 12 is a puzzle to Bible prophecy students. It appears to have already been fulfilled, yet it also portends a future fulfillment. The solution to this apparent paradox is that both past and future fulfillments are true—as is often the case with other prophetic Scriptures. It was fulfilled (on September 11, 3 bc) and will be fulfilled (on September 23, 2017). The purpose of this post is to discuss this second fulfillment on September 23, 2017.

If you are a student of Bible prophecy, pay attention. This is a major marker in the book of Revelation for end-time events and potentially of the gathering of the bride of Christ unto the coming bridegroom.

September 23, 2017, which is Rosh Hashanah, has all the appearances of fulfilling Revelation 12:1–2. (Note: the Jewish standard lists Rosh Hashanah 2017 as being sundown on September 20–sundown September 22; however, the celestial standard begins Rosh Hashanah 2017 with sundown on September 22 when the moon is under Virgo’s feet. In Jewish reckoning, sundown is the start of a new day, so sundown on September 22 would be considered the beginning of September 23rd.) In addition, October 5, which is the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles, appears to fulfill Revelation 12:3–4. These dates of the 2017 Jewish New Year and fall feasts bear the signs of a major occurrence according to both biblical and celestial reckoning. As far as we know, the planet and star alignments found on September 23, 2017 that line up with Revelation 12:1–2 have never before happened in history, nor will they happen again.

Some of the major points that should cause us to take notice of this time are as follows.

·      It is the new moon.
·         September 23, 2017 is the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Shoshana).
·         October 5, 2017 is the Feast of Tabernacles.
·         It could be the culmination of the year of Jubilees.
·       Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be over Virgo’s head, accompanying the nine major stars of Leo, forming the headdress, or crown, of the bride of Christ.
·        Jupiter will be in Virgo, having just retrograded in the womb area, making its descent down the birth canal. This is perhaps one of the most amazing fulfillments of prophecy by Jupiter, the King planet, and it could be the sign that Jupiter (Hebrew name: Tsedeq), is indeed “His Star” that the wise men followed at Messiah’s first coming.

On September 23 of 2017 (September 22, 5:36 pm, Jerusalem time), the sun will be in Virgo, clothing the woman, and the (new) moon will be under her feet, just as Revelation 12:1 prophesies. Just over Virgo’s head will be Mercury, Venus, and Mars along with the 9 major stars of Leo to produce the garland of 12 stars. In addition, Jupiter is in Virgo’s mid-section (the birth canal), depicting an approaching birth—perhaps the Kingdom of Heaven. The following screenshot from the Stellarium astronomy computer program illustrates this.

I have long suspected from reliable evidence that Jupiter is His Star of Matthew 2:2 and that the Magi (the wise men) followed it when it announced Messiah’s first coming. Jupiter’s Hebrew name is Tsedeq, which means the King of Righteousness. When Yeshua of Nazareth was born on September 11, 3 bc, Jupiter/Tsedeq was retrograding and in triple conjunction with the king star, Regulus (located in the constellation Leo). From our perspective on Earth, it appeared to draw a circle around Regulus. In September 2017, Jupiter/Tsedeq will retrograde in Virgo and be in double conjunction with Spica, the star of the righteous offspring, appearing to draw a circle around it.

This retrograde of Jupiter/Tsedeq and Messiah’s coming in glory in Virgo’s womb should echo in the valleys as we shout it from the mountain tops. The following screenshot from Stellarium depicts this Jupiter/Tsedeq retrograde just before the Feast of Trumpets 2017.

This event is every bit as powerful and prophetic as the announcement of Messiah’s first coming. At Messiah’s first coming, Jupiter/Tsedeq, the King planet/His Star, retrograded and appeared to draw a circle around the king star, Regulus, in Leo. In September 2017, Jupiter/Tsedeq will retrograde and appear to draw a circle around Spica, the righteous branch or offspring, which is in Virgo. Regulus and Spica are both the primary stars of Leo and Virgo, respectively. These two constellations are pivotal in Messiah’s story line—Virgo shows His birth and Leo shows His reign—in both comings. That these retrogrades happen around their primary stars is more than quite significant.

The fact that Jupiter is located in Virgo’s birth canal at this time is huge. This could be the announcement of the gathering of the Church or more likely the catching away of the bride of Christ. Remember that the text of Revelation 12:1–2 mentions the crown of stars. Crowns are biblically used to represent rewards, so the garland of light that will adorn Virgo may be a depiction of the bride’s rewards. Virgo is the woman of the heavens; it can represent the bride of Christ.

In addition, the arrangement of the three primary planets above Virgo’s head resembles a bridal headdress. Astronomers sometimes call arrangements like this a string of pearls. These three planets are in direct line with Regulus the king star; and they form a link between Leo and Virgo, the beginning and end constellations, in a rare display. Wow!

Three points of reference are necessary to accurately pinpoint one’s location. If we apply this same principle to accurately decipher these signs, our three points of reference would be the following.

1. The written Scripture
2. The progress of prophecy
3. The forecasted celestial arrangements of September 23–October 5, 2017 (according to the Stellarium computer program)

The Jubilee Year

In addition to the three references just mentioned, we also should consider that Rosh Hashanah 2017 is quite likely the closing of a Jubilee year (if we count the Jubilees of recent Israel from 1916/17 to 1966/1967). If the Jewish year count of 5777 includes the 243 years left out due to intentional text manipulation in the Masoretic text, then we are potentially in the year 6020. Give or take the 20 years, we are at the threshold of the 120th Jubilee of mankind. Some believe that Genesis 6:3 provides the accumulative number of Jubilee years until the end. A Jubilee Year is 50 years long, and Genesis 6:3 states that man’s days will be 120 years; thus, 50 X 120 = 6,000 years.

And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” ~Genesis 6:3

This would also be the fulfillment of Judah ben Samuel’s prophecy of this Jubilee being the time of Messiah’s coming. Judah ben Samuel was the German Jewish Rabbi that lived in the mid-1100s and prophesied of the 400 years of domination over Israel, the restoration of the land and nation, and the coming of Messiah according to the Jubilee year count.

It appears that we are truly living during a period of likely biblical end-time happenings. Whether it’s the gathering of the bride of Christ or the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, the fall feasts days of 2017 will be prophetically fulfilling. (This could also include the fulfillment of the prophecy concerning Wormwood in Revelation 8:11.)

Note: My book, The 1,000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ on the Earth, would be relevant right now and can be ordered online from the e-store at

David Meade’s book, Planet X—2017 Arrival, brought these celestial happenings of September 23, 2017 to my attention, although it does not cover the fulfillment of the Jubilee or retrogrades or interpretation of the planets. He did however, mention one of my hallmark references on this time period regarding the prophecy of Wormwood. I figure if a mountain (asteroid) falls to the earth and kills at least a third of the people, then even I could figure out that the end times had come. David Meade came to the same conclusion I had already come to—Wormwood is on the way and could possibly manifest during this same time period too.

Empirical evidence is telling us that something out of this world is shaking our world. The apocryphal book of 1 Enoch 1:6 prophesies that every mountain and island will be moved out of their place during this time. That is before the prophecy that the Lord will come with ten thousands of his saints in 1 Enoch 1:9. These events happen around what many Christians refer to as the mid-tribulation. Let’s hope and pray that Messiah’s called-out ones will get taken off the planet and escape Wormwood.

Look for a future blog where I will discuss more about Wormwood, Planet X, and Revelation 12:3–4.

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